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Wonderful Newborn Gift Ideas That Spread Delight

When you are going to meet a new born ‘bundle of joy’, or are invited for a baby shower, it is important to give a gift that is really useful and thoughtful. Most of us end up giving bibs, cute little baby clothes, onesies, diapers etc. They are of course essential and useful, but there are more unique new born baby gift ideas that can bring joy to both the babies and parents.

Making both babies and parents happy with the right baby gifts is important, if you really want to express your love and admiration for the tot. Below are discussed some unique and delightful gift ideas to welcome a newborn into the world.

Top Newborn Gift Ideas to Celebrate the Cute New Arrival

Diapers Diapers and More Diapers

Diapers are one thing that will never become overstock in a house where there is an infant. It may sound boring, but the fact is that they are one of the most useful gifts to both the parents and the baby since good quality diapers are expensive basic daily care need, and babies need them in loads!

It is also a great idea to combine throwaway diapers, a cute diaper bag and a diaper warmer as a gift pack. Since diapers are required for a long time, even giving a larger size will be fine. Gifting diapers is a great help for new mummies to manage increasing demands of diaper duty, and hence an abundant supply of them is good enough.

Beautiful three tier and two tier diaper cakes are some amazing ways of presenting heaps of diapers to the newborn baby. These cute diaper cakes are available from specialty shops or numerous online shops for baby products. Stunningly crafted diaper cakes can become an eye catching centerpiece.

Baby Toys

Baby toys are a very common and useful newborn gift idea if you really want to get acknowledgement from the baby through a happy giggle or smile. Some of the useful and adorable baby toys that can be gifted with confidence are rattles, mobiles, soft toys, plush toys, puppets, light projecting toys, cute adhesive stickers that can be glues to the ceiling and walls of nursery etc. offers a range of soft toys that can ideally be gifted on the occasion of the arrival of a newborn. The cute pink teddy, Tweety Pie and Pink Love Teddy are some adorable newborn gifts.

Tweety Pie

Baby Clothes

Snug and comfy baby clothes are a great and ever welcoming idea. Gifting some cute warm pajamas  tops, onesies, critter suits etc. with colorful and snug baby socks can be really heart warming for the baby’s parents and grandparents. Brightly shaded clothing with animal, floral or other nature prints will make the newborns look amazingly adorable. If you really want to win the hearts of the parents with your gift, make an exclusive blanket by crocheting, and knit the name of the newborn cutely on it. Gifting adorable and plush baby bedspreads and pillow casings with the name of the baby embellished along the edges is another welcoming newborn gift idea.

Baby Care Items

Giving baby gift baskets or hampers filled with baby care items can be real fun. Parents of the baby will be in high need of abundant baby care supplies, and you can help them through your cheerful gift. It can include bath time toys, baby lotions, lotions, diaper rash creams, wiping pads, baby comb and brush, gentle baby shampoos, soft washcloths, hooded towel, vivid-hued rubber ducky, a couple of simple bath toys etc.

Baby Furniture

Gifting baby furniture sets can be an expensive idea, but is really worth for someone you love and care a lot. Cribs, strollers, crib mattresses, changing tables, and so on are some of the useful furniture items that will be useful for both the baby and his/her parents.

Audio Books

Gifting audio books to the newborns is a very thoughtful gift idea. Research studies have proven that babies who hear to children’s classic tales are prone to become more linguistic and proficient in developing language skills. It will also give the heavily stressed out new-moms’ the much needed break.

Chocolates and Cakes as Unique and Innovative Newborn Gift Idea

There is no doubt that chocolates can make any occasions sweeter. Gifting chocolate boxes is a really innovative idea if you want to instantly brighten up the faces of the parents of baby/babies. Cookies, chocolates and other goodies can be gifted as fitting newborn presents. It is a clear way of symbolizing the event as one of celebration and joy. is undoubtedly a rich source of both information and products that will guide you in selecting the right chocolates and sweets befitting any occasion. Exciting range of delightfully decorated cakes and chocolates are on offer. Rich creamy chocolates and cookies that are gift-wrapped in exquisite packaging can be pleasant and delightful for both the eyes and tongue.

Love In The Chocolate Air Box is an adorable pack of heart-shaped chocolates that come in light pink and orange shades. These adorable bonbons are sure to leave the parents wanting for more with its mouth-watering flavors of raspberry, orange and strawberry.

Love in the Chocolate Air box

Resin Surprise Chocolate Box is an amazing newborn gift pack that comes loaded with chocolate coated raisin and four diverse assortments of chocolates. These chocolates come in surprising flavors of caramel, Hazel Praline , Strawberry and Apricot chocolate.

Divine Chocolate Box is sure to give a divine pleasure to the baby’s parents. This seductive pack of sweets features Nutty Marble, Milky Hazelnut Praline, Pista Praline, Ginger Candy and White Ganache and Dark Cinnamon Fantasy. There are a range of luscious gourmet gifts that come loaded with a range of Mocha praline, Passion fruit, Orange, Hazel and French biscuit praline goodies.

Divine Chocolate Box

Gifting well-packed chocolate coated raisins, almonds and other dry fruits, a range of dissimilar flavored chocolate blocks, dark  chocolate cookies etc. are sure to give heavenly happiness to the newborn’s parents. These goodies come packed in attractive gift boxes making them a stunning feast for the eyes.

Gifting delectable cakes that tantalize the taste buds with every crumb will be an exquisite experience for both the giver and receiver. offers a range of freshly baked cakes that come in lovely gift packs. Naughty Walnut Orange Marble Cake and Baker’s Pride Dry Fruit Cake are simply irresistible.

Baker’s Pride Dry Fruit Cake

These chocolaty and sweet surprises to die for are sure to bring delightful cheerfulness in the minds and faces of the receivers. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and order these delectable chocolicious surprises to your dear and near ones.

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