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Winter Wedding Ideas

If you don’t want your wedding affected by the atrocious summer heat or the erratic monsoon rains, then a winter wedding might be perfect for you. Whether you are living in a country where the ground is covered by a silvery layer of snow or a country where temperatures do not get very cold, winter is a wonderful season to celebrate your wedding. Winter weddings have a magical and cinematic presence about them.

Also since most couples would want to plan their weddings in summer, your weeding would be unique and have reduced chances of using decorations similar to that of an acquaintance or a friend. Here are some ideas you could consider while planning your winter wedding.

Attractive Wedding Ideas For Winter


You could have a winter wonderland themed locations with a complete replication of all that encompasses winter like snow and sledges. You could use fake snow and dry ice to give your indoor winter wedding an outdoor winter effect. This will ensure that there is a winter feel about your wedding, but with indoor heating so that the guests are not freezing.At the wedding itself, give out boxes of Extreme Chocolate Collection .

Extreme Chocolate Collection – 25 Flavors

This box includes a luxurious twenty five flavors like nut, pistachio, peanut, almond, ginger, vanilla, mint, hazelnut, butter scotch, rum and raisin, praline, caramel, cinnamon, orange and a lot more.


Winter is the perfect season to hold weddings indoors. You could have the perfect and traditional white wedding. Be sure to select a location that looks both glamorous and classic. You could rent out a museum or an old and historic mansion. If you reside in a country where winter brings snowfall, chose a location with a fireplace and enough indoor heating to make your wedding warm and cozy.Make sure each guest gets a box of Attractive Chocolate Collection.

Attractive Chocolate Collection

This box of chocolates is both tasty and attractive and includes flavors like cashew, ginger, mocha, almond, butterscotch, hazelnut and praline. This box of magnificent chocolates shall make your wedding perfect!

Soup Counter

To cut through the chill of winter you could have a soup counter at your wedding. You could have a variation of soups like tomato, potato and parsley, carrot even unique flavors like capsicum. The guests will neither be hungry nor cold. This will be a factor which differentiates your wedding from other winter weddings.Along with soup serve boxes of Dark and Milk Chocolate Rocks Collection . Every wedding should have this collection of dark and milk flavored chocolates.

Dark and Milk Chocolate Rocks Collection

Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate fondues not only look good but taste good too. They make for perfect winter desserts.

Assortment of Exotic Chocolates

You could have a constant running chocolate fondue fountain with magnificent desserts kept on the side like marshmallows, brownies, even ice-cream that the guests can dip into the chocolate fountain.This will add a fun and interesting touch to your wedding.Serve it along with boxes of Assortment of Exotic Chocolates. Exotic flavors like hazel ,praline, Mocha, Orange and Passion fruit shall make your winter wedding simple delightful.

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