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Wine And Chocolate Gift Combinations

Did someone say, ‘wine and dine’? Sounds like a good idea but what do you say about rephrasing it to say – wine and choco bites?  Tempting, isn’t it? Chocolates pairings aren’t novel ideas. 

Many have paired off fruits such as strawberry and raspberry with chocolates. Various types of cheese and teas have been paired off with chocolates. Self confessed chocoholics combine it with chips, honey, peanut butter, coffee and even balsamic vinegar and shrimp.

Is your head spinning with all the information? Relax and browse through the gourmet offering at, while we hunt for the best wines to give your chocolates some company.

Four Wine and Chocolate Gift Combos

Wine and chocolates are a heady combination by themselves. As such, liqueur free chocolates are suitable choices to go with a gift of wine. There are no hard and fast rules here, and you can gift rum or champagne truffles with wine. Do make sure your gift recipient is 18 years or older.

White Chocolate and Rose Wine

A chocolate that isn’t basically chocolate needs milder wines to do it justice. Go in for a sparkling rose wine. Choose a good and affordable quality wine such as Sula Blush Zinfandel or Jacob’s Creek Shiraz Rosé with one of these gourmet white truffles and pralines collection – Luxurious Selection Chocolate AssortmentOrange Truffles or Nutty Marble.

Luxurious Selection Chocolate Assortment

The Luxurious Selection has assorted flavors such as mocha, french biscuit and passion fruit praline. The Orange Truffle is a wonderful blend of cocoa, sugar and orange zest while cashew nuts, bitter cocoa and dates are blended into white chocolate to create the Nutty Marbles. These marbles are then embellished with dark chocolate lines.

Milk Chocolate and White Wine

White wine is a delicate drink and a connoisseur item. It blends well with milk chocolate and semi sweet chocolates. Choose a white wine on the lines of Kinvah Sauvignon Blanc or Heritage Chenin Blanc. Combine this gift with some tasty Belgian chocolates of the milk kind.

You can choose from the 18 pc Exclusive Chocolate Gift Box or the 21 piece Ethnic Chocolate Gift Pack. The Exclusive Collection contains truffles and chocolates in flavors such as orange, mocha and dark Indian spice. The Ethnic Collection is filled with assorted nutty pieces with cashew and almond rocks.

Ethnic Chocolate Gift pack

Dark Chocolate and Red Wine

The intensity of cocoa beans can only be matched by the strong, intense flavors of red wine. Gift quality red wines such as Kinvah Shiraz or  Heritage Cabernet with dark creations such as the Nutty Truffle or the Fiesta Chocolate RocksThese gifts of chocolate make a splendid match for vintage red wines.

Fiesta Chocolate Rocks box

The Nutty Truffle is a dark chocolate ganache filled with peanuts and cashew nuts. These glossy rounded balls are then decorated with crushed cashews. The Fiesta Rocks are a blend of almond and dark chocolate that have a crunchy texture to them.

Milk and Dark Chocolate with Champagne

You can choose any major champagne brands for your gift. Those who want to try an Indian champagne can go in for the affordable Chateau Indage Ivy Shiraz or Ivy Malbec. Combine these with a Divine Classic Chocolate box or the Amazing Chocolate Box.

Amazing Chocolate Box

The Divine Collection has chocolates in five different fruity and nutty flavors with a chocolate coated raisin pack in the middle of the box. The Amazing Collection has nutty chocolates in assorted flavors. Both of these collections contain dark and milk chocolates.

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