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Wedding Table Decoration Ideas

There are so many people who are planning a bridal shower at their home or some other place and is on the lookout for some good ideas for table decorations. The main thing that is difficult to decide in any decoration is the theme. After making a decision on the theme, you can easily plan your further course of action on what to do.

Although the wedding is a kind of traditional party but it does not rule out the possibility of modern decorations. You can decorate with any color of choice that gives a more elegant look to the place. Some of the ideas for table decorations in the wedding shower are discussed here:

Ideas For Wedding Table Decorations

It is not necessary to spend lots of amount on the centerpieces of the table. You can make eatables as the centerpiece. In an Italian theme bridal shower, you can paint a long piece of pasta and can place it in a big glass tube or visible globe. Real pastas sticks can be kept in the sides of the globe. Dress it up with cabbage and lettuce leaves. Different type of fruits can be placed in stylish bowls for decoration. Another expensive option is to use roses or daises for decoration.

Decorate a Favor Table

It is better to give a particular table to the guests’ favor rather than putting up a favor at every guest’s plate. You can place center shock cookie cake surprise on the table and they can enjoy the mixed essence of gourmet cookies with the goodness of freshly baked Dry Fruit Cake.

center shock cookie cake surprise

This combination of dry cake with cookies is best type of favor for everyone. It has a delectable taste that will loved by all for sure.

Use Fresh Flowers

Get the help of a local florist to decorate the table with fresh flowers. You can also decorate with quart size plants and place them in centers to draw the attention of the guests. In case you are planning some games in the wedding then keep some of the beautifully packed chocolate boxes on the table for gifting purposes.

Luxurious selection chocolate assortment is the best selection of irresistible chocolates and is an assortment of Mocha praline, Passion fruit, Orange, Hazel and French biscuit praline. It comes in a packing of stylish wooden box with a classic red ribbon which is one gourmet gift that nobody will forget.

Luxurious Selection Chocolate Assortment

Use Brides Pictures in Table Decorations

You can place the pictures of the bride on each table by making a collage and can keep the collage prints on every table. Be creative with pictures by using photofetti which is the tiny reproductions of pictures which can be placed on the table of the guests.

Occasional flavor chocolate box

You can also leave a scrapbook over the table to get the comments for the bride from the guests. It is also a good idea to appreciate their comments by giving them some gifts like Occasional flavor chocolate box contains 20 pieces of 4 scintillating flavors with the amazing tastes of Almond, Strawberry, Caramel and Butter Scotch Chocolate in it .It is packed beautifully in a wooden box.

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