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Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

Wedding is a ceremony where the couple decides and pledges to stay together and forever. To make this ceremony a memorable one, the couple along with their relatives and friends, throw reception parties. Wedding reception is just a way to express how happy the couple is about their married life and it is a medium through which the couple shares their happiness with the people they know.

Here are certain ideas for wedding reception decorations that shall enchant the guests and prove to be a pleasant memory for the couple and their near and dear ones.

Creative Decoration Ideas For A Wedding Reception


Flowers play a significant role during the wedding season. Lots and different varieties of flowers not only add colour to the occasion but all enthrall everybody with the breathtaking fragrance. Orchids are the widely used flowers in such occasions. It is recommended that the flowers used should be real as artificial flowers lack creativity. A touch of nature will always be charming. The flowers are required to be fresh in order to look attractive. The Perfect Chocolate Assortment is worth relishing.

The Perfect Chocolate Assortment

It is a blend of Milk & dark rocks with almond flakes, milky crunch, pure bitter dark, mocha fruit & nut, peanut chocolate, almond purist, raisin chocolate, cashew dark and orange chocolate.


A special stage for the couple needs to be created so that the occasion looks “especially made” for them. The stage of course, requires apt setting. Flowers and silk cloth can be used to decorate the entire stage. If the entire reception is based on a theme or a particular colour, then the stage needs to be set accordingly. However, the organizers should pay better attention to the stage’s stability, as there may be risk of fall. The entire stage should be tightly rooted at one place. Royal Chocolate Delight Collection offers Milky french, pure bitter dark, mocha fruit & nut choc dipped in milk dark & white choc in different shapes and structure. The sweet and crispy taste of these chocolate items makes this collection worth buying.

Royal Chocolate Delight Collection


The lighting of a wedding reception should be proper. There should not be any place or corner that remains dark due to absence of light. Golden colour lighting giving a sepia effect will be great for weddings and will match with its glitz. Certain white light is also required that will give a brighter side to the reception. In case of a dance floor, the lighting should be very versatile in terms of colour. From red to blue, all will be accepted in the marriage reception’s dance floor. The Magical Chocolate Collection is a collection of scintillating flavours like raspberry chocolate, milky french biscuits and almond rocks with flakes. Each item is irresistible and looks luxurious and everybody’s taste buds will have a fantastic chocolate experience.

The Magical Chocolate Collection Box


Carpeting of the entire floor play a very crucial role. If the carpeting of the wedding isn’t done properly, then it will be a huge turn off. The carpets provided by the organizers should look clean, new and shiny and special care should be taken in regards to the fact that every corner of the reception should be carpeted. Red carpets are the preferable ones. You may even opt for green and maroon.


Ravishing Chocolate Collection is a nine pieces chocolate box consisting of mocha fruit and nut. It is a perfect choice to add grace to your occasion and can also use it as a gift for the guests.

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