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Wedding Dress Styles

Each year brings with it fresh trends in dress patterns. The wedding dress gets special attention from designers given the number of girls and women who tie the knot each year.

If you are looking for something different from the run of the mill stuff,  pick up a suitable and trendy wedding outfit from our style guide.

Four Wedding Dress Styles

Lace and Vintage

Vintage dresses give off an air of elegance and poise. Throw in some delicate and detailed lacework and you have a winning combination that suits most women even the plus sized.  If you are looking for more choices than the usual white, you can try softer shades of pink or lavender and pastel colors.A suitable return gift for guests would be chocolate. Choose one that goes with the vintage vibe of your dress and wedding decoration. The Finest Chocolates Gift Pack will have the very guests, who marveled at your dress, swooning again.

Finest Chocolates Gift Pack

The truffles are made from the Belgian dark chocolate and come in exotic flavors of mocha, dark Indian spice, five spice and coconut  among others.

Removable Sleeves

This trend has been and continues to be popular this year. The removable sleeves work well in the summer months where you keep them on for church proceedings and take them off for your wedding party. Removable sleeves are made from transparent lace material and can be worn as a short coat that covers your chest or ones that just about cover your shoulders. Comfort and visual appeal is guaranteed with this style.Unique chocolate ideas for the menu would be something that goes with your dress. Something on the lines of Scintillating assortment of Rock Chocolates that contains almond, hazelnut, and nut rocks with fruit flavors. These are individually wrapped in attractive colored paper and presented in a wooden box.

Scintillating Assortment of Rock Chocolates

Ombre Style

This style will find many takers, especially modern women who don’t want to play the generic bride. The ombre style is subtle and usually combines white and soft pastels. This works well with long flowing dresses. You can combine the ombre colour scheme with floral patterns or ruffles on your wedding dress.A nice chocolate gift for your guests would be the combination box. The Royal Chocolate Delight Collection will complement your wedding dress perfectly. The box contains square shaped chocolates in varied flavors and colors that are topped with a floral design.

Royal Chocolate Delight Collection

Metallic Style

This trend will find favor with modern, free spirited women who want to add a personal touch to their nuptial wear. The metallic style can be worn long or short. It is usually form fitting with a tapered silhouette. Ivory, iron and copper shaded dresses give the required vibe without being garish or tacky.

Pista Paraline Chocolate

You can go in for the crunched look with a dress made from metal fibers and polyester with pearly detailing work.Gift your guests some exotic truffles and pralines to go with your dress. The Pista Praline chocolate and the Minty Diamond are great choices. These gourmet pieces are made with white chocolate and enclosed in dark. Their color and shape add to the metallic vibe of your outfit.

These four wedding dress style should do the trick if no other outfit grabs your attention.

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