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Wedding Chocolate Favors Ideas

A lot goes into planning a wedding. Every detail needs to be planned right up to the plate designs. Even if a wedding planner is hired, the couple is not spared the tension and fret of planning the perfect wedding. This is because the wedding day is a very important day in their lives and the most important in their relationship. It is a day when a couple is ready to commit to each other for life and want to do it in front of their friends and family.

Generally a lot of people are invited to the wedding. The guests too, have their share of work. They need to choose the perfect gift and at times need to fly down to the wedding location. It is important thus, to let them know that you are really glad they could make it. That is where wedding favors come into the picture. Here are a few chocolate wedding favor ideas.

Ideas For Wedding Chocolate Favors

Chocolate Truffle Wedding Favor

A chocolate truffle generally has a creamy center. This adds a distinctive taste to the chocolate. Chocolate truffles could be made with an assortment of flavors. Each flavor would add to the mix and contribute to the magnificence of the chocolate favor. A chocolate favor should be attractive. This could be done by including an Attractive Chocolate Collection. This box of chocolates definitely lives up to its name and goes a step further by providing both attractive and delightful chocolates.

Attractive Chocolate Collection

White Chocolate Favor

A wedding favor could comprise of any number of things. However, one cannot be certain that every guest would enjoy their favor. Chocolates however are universally liked and one could thus never go wrong with a chocolate favor, especially when it comprises of white chocolates. A delicious assortment you could consider adding to the mix is a Ravishing Chocolate Collection Box. This box has nine mouthwatering pieces of chocolates that shall perfectly express your gratitude to the guests for their attendance to your wedding ceremony.


Nut Chocolate Favor

Many people prefer their chocolates nutty. Nuts generally added to chocolates are walnuts, cashews, pistachios, almonds and so on. A nut chocolate favor could comprise of various chocolate bars and assortments, all of which have nuts in them. A chocolate favor can only be considered good when there is a good mix of chocolates. The chocolates that one puts in to a wedding chocolate favor should be selected with extreme caution. One however can never go wrong with a Almonds in Chocolate Surprise.

Almonds in Chocolate Surprise

Mixed Chocolate Favor

Chocolates are liked by everyone. However, different individuals have different favorites when it comes to the type of chocolates. A mixed chocolate favor would therefore definitely have one type of chocolate that each guest prefers. The chocolates could be milk, dark, flavored, white, truffles and so on. To bring variety to the favor add on a 16 Pc Chocolate Assortment Box.


This box has chocolates with varying mouthwatering flavors like orange, lemon, mint, strawberry, raspberry and pistachio. This box shall be a delectable addition to the mix. The flavors would bring a variety that shall be scintillating and irresistible.

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