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Vintage Wedding Ideas

Vintage Wedding Ideas

The modern era has become overtly hectic and tiresome. Speed and a need to compete has replaced leisure and merriment. A wedding day is magical and thus many people now a day are choosing to celebrate this day by going back a couple of eras. If you want to recreate the magic the 19th, 18th or any century before had to offer, you could chose to have a vintage wedding.

For a vintage wedding the first thing you would need to do is decide on an era you would want to re create, whether the roaring 8os or the magical 90s. Here are a few suggestions that could help add a vintage touch to your wedding.

Unique Vintage Wedding Ideas

Dress Code

Mention a dress code which you would like your guests to follow while handing out the invites. You could specify a century or a color scheme. You could request the guests to attend the ceremony in completely traditional wear or fusion wear. A dress code would add uniqueness to your wedding and the guests would find they are very involved with the process. With the invite send a box of Royal Chocolate Delight Collection.

Royal Chocolate Delight Collection

This box of delectable chocolates will be a wonderful way to request your guests to stick to a dress code. These sixteen chocolates have delicious flavors like mocha and fruit and nut.


You could transform your venue to look exactly like the era you want. You could use wallpapers and other decorations to symbolize the time period you want. This shall add a fun and unique touch to your wedding. You can go to antique furniture shops and ask to hire some furniture that you think shall fit in with your theme. Have a table with lots of boxes of New Gorgeous Chocolate Gift Collection.

New Gorgeous Chocolate Gift Collection

This gorgeous box of chocolates with flavors like almond, orange and butter scotch shall mesmerize the guests. These 9 pieces of chocolates shall elevate the guests to cloud 9!


Rajma Chawal served at an 80’s western themed wedding would just be odd. If you are choosing a particular era research on the type of food the era offered. This could result in you digging up some unique and exceptional recipes that shall differentiate your wedding from that of a traditional one. With ravishing food distribute boxes of Ravishing Chocolate Collection.

Ravishing Chocolate Collection

Nine pieces of irresistible mocha fruit and nut, dark chocolate and French biscuit chocolates shall leave the guests wonderstruck.


You could play music from the particular era and have dance instructors around to teach simple steps to the guests, steps that represent an era. You could also have old movie clips playing in the background. You could play these clips without sound so that it does not interfere with your music. You could also have games or a makeover stand at your wedding. This shall be unique and fun.

Dark and Milk Chocolate Rocks Collection

Entertain the guests with a box of Dark and Milk Chocolate Rocks Collection. This box offers both dark and milk chocolates much like a vintage wedding which offers the benefits of two separate eras at the same time.

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