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Valentines Day Ideas For Boyfriend

Valentine month comes with a lot of joy for lovers. Couples plan different date ideas to please each other. People often think that this day is a surprise day for girls, since conventionally boys plan various outings for their girlfriends. However, this is not just un-true, but unfair as well. Valentine is an equally joyous and precious moment for boys, as it is for girls. So girls, surprise your Mr. Right this year with different Valentine’s Day ideas and tips mentioned below.

Top 5 Valentine Day Date Ideas for Boyfriend

Party for Two

Boys always prefer spending alone time with their girlfriends. On the contrary, girls prefer to carry their best friends like a baggage everywhere. So girls, give your kitty get togethers’ a small pause on this Valentine’s Day. Go out on an exclusive valentine party bash with your boyfriend as a couple, not a team.

You are heading for a date, not a sport event that your boyfriend would rejoice the company of your friends. Dress up like a queen, look beautiful and take your boyfriend out on a special dinner. For a change, this could be a pleasant surprise for those boys who wish of spending more and more time with their girlfriends.

Add Adventure to Your Date

Boys cannot stop being adventurous. Therefore, adding adventure to your date can be a good valentine day celebration idea for your boyfriend. Thrill, fun and adventure could be an added boons on an un-expected valentine evening, specially planned by you for him. For adventurous dates, you could go out on a river raft or maybe place a camp by the side of some favorite trekking spot of your boyfriend.

It could turn out to be an even better option, if you too could go on trekking with him. However, if you are not one of those adventure animals, placing a camp and lighting a fire on the same spot that is his favorite trekking place is enough for an adventurous exclusive valentine celebration for him. What could be more special for boys than the fact that their girlfriends choose to celebrate valentine the guy ways? To steal romance out of adventure, you can surprise him with chocolates and flowers for a change.

Special chocolate boxes offered by like Passion Selection, Love Birds Special and Valentines Carnival Chocolates are exclusive chocolate boxes for men.

Valentines Carnival Chocolates

Be Simple

Men are not materialist mostly. Anything that could touch their heart is a more treasured gift than even the most expensive items. You could write a poem for him, weave a cloth with his and your name written on it, sketch his and your picture (if you are good at sketching, or atleast could try a hand to it), make a collage of your old pictures with him or just do something that makes him feel special in your life.

Anything that shows how much time you spent only to make things romantic for him steals a march ahead everything else. Adding choco magic to this magical moment could be a superb idea. Passion Selection box contains mouth watering chocolaty feast within. This magical chocolate box is specially manufactured for valentine day celebration.

Passion Selection

You could surprise him with yet another gift by offering him this love memento. Chocolates make things even more romantic, since the two of you can share them with love. Passion selection will surely tempt the taste buds of your guy. It contains 20 yummy heart shaped pieces of 4 different flavors of chocolates. The special 4 flavors used in these chocolates are strawberry, raspberry, cinnamon and hazelnut. So, surprise your guy with such gifts that convey your feelings to him perfectly.

Let Him Express

Give a rest to the conventional ways your relationship has carried on till now. It means, give yourself a little rest and let him speak for the first time daylong. Practically, men are made for listening to their girlfriends. This is not a gesture, but necessity. It happens because guys hardly find time to speak, since girls have so much to talk about.

So, give your boyfriend all your ears this valentine and offer him the golden chance to speak up what’s running in his mind. It is a very cute surprise that’ll make your date hilarious. He would probably want to share some of his trekking memories with you, if you have placed a camp and bone fire by the side of his favorite trekking spot. Maybe, he would look forward to tell you that how romantic it could be, if you too could trek along with him. So rest your tongue and let him do the talking this time.

Gateway Trip

How can girls fall short of ideas, since boys always have something new cooking up in their minds? Well, yet another great way of celebrating valentine day his ways is planning a gateway trip. Surprise him with a gateway trip. Remember to plan a gateway trip smartly, if you don’t want to end up upsetting him. Get your booking confirmed.

Since it is going to be a surprise trip, carry all his dormitories, clothes and other necessary items alongside. This idea is surely one of those ideas that could turn on his romantic gears. Carrying a special chocolate box could make the trip even more seductive and romantic. Love Birds Special seems to be a perfect chocolate box for gateway trip.

Love Birds Special

This special valentine chocolate box is a combination of seductive crunchy chocolates in 3 flavors i.e. almond, raspberry and hazelnuts. Make your moment even more special by gifting your boyfriend this special chocolate box.

Yet some other thrilling, romantic and adventurous valentine day ideas for your boyfriend are gifting him gadgets like newest video games, watches, phones, wallets and other items of his choice and need. Valentines Carnival Chocolates could turn out to be an absolute feast for him, when gifted.

These heart shaped chocolates are mouth melting extra soft chocolates. They come in 6 real flavors of orange, cinnamon, rose, raspberry, strawberry and hazelnut. You could please your boyfriend this season by making his Valentine’s Day different from all those times when he planned surprises for you.

Moreover, the special chocolate boxes increase the joy of being together. There are various other love chocolates offered by Some of the most popular chocolates for him include Valentines Treasure Chocolates, Admirer’s surprise and Melting Moments Raisin Surprise.

Valentines Treasure Chocolates

These chocolates spread chocolaty romance in the mist of love breeze. Thus, you can always use the valentine day ideas mentioned-above in order to please your boyfriend.

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