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Unique Wedding Rings Ideas

The ring – a continuous cycle – is a very important part of a marriage. It symbolizes eternity and never ending love. A wedding ring is symbolic of the couple’s deep affection for each other, which is represented by the circle which doesn’t have a break in it.

A proposal is traditionally made along with a ring and the couple exchange rings while taking their vows. This is not the only ring that is bought in a marriage. A ring could be bought on any occasion like a birthday or an anniversary as a token of love, respect and acknowledgement.

Along with the design, the size of the ring should also be chosen carefully. Picking the correct size means you know your partner completely. Here are a few unique wedding ring ideas that can be considered while selecting an appropriate ring.

Ideas For Wedding Rings

Engraved Rings

A ring could come in a variety of designs. All of them however, have an impersonal touch to it. They feel store bought and distant. The simplest way to make a ring more personal and affectionate is to engrave a message on it. The engraving could consist of single words like ‘forever’, ‘eternity’ and ‘always’ or phrases like ‘I shall always love you’, ‘you are my soul mate’ and ‘you have my heart’. This would make the ring a more dear and indispensable object to the receiver. Along with a ring, you could give a chocolate collection. The chocolate box would fill the gift with love and affection.

Lovable Chocolate Collection

Pearl Cente

A ring does not always have to be made of a diamond. The ring could have a pearl centre with a gold or silver band. The pearl centre shall gift it a different and unique touch which shall look very elegant and formal. The pearl could be a snow white one or an off colored one. Though pearls can be color coated, natural pearls shall look better than the color coated ones. Combine a ring with a box of Milk Chocolate Rocks. While the ring would be romantic the box of chocolates would be exquisite.

Assorted Love Chunk

Colored Stone

Colored stones like sapphires or emeralds can make great gem stones for rings. Not traditionally used in wedding rings, colored gems shall look absolutely stunning and completely unique. They could be used as a centre piece on a ring or as tiny studs on a wedding band along with diamonds. These stones would look great with any base material like gold, silver or platinum. Uniqueness could be extended with a Nut Chocolate Collection. The chocolates shall be a delectable way to confess or reaffirm your feelings.

Almonds in Chocolate Surprise

A Handmade Ring

Wedding rings are typically purchased at a store and though a store may offer a variety, it does not offer the personal touch. This could be made up with a handmade ring. Many of us have made rings in our art classes but a handmade wedding ring requires a lot of creativity.


One could do so by adding gemstones to a ring or fixing up an old ring. The perfect way to express your feelings apart from a ring would be a fruit chocolate box. This mouthwatering box shall be a great accompaniment to the ring.

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