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Unique Wedding Reception Ideas

Mostly, weddings happen once in a lifetime. Everyone wants to make it a great and memorable one. Every person wishes an opulent wedding reception so that it gets captivated in the memories of the guests. To make your wedding reception a magnificent one, all you need is a good planning.

The grandeur of a wedding depends mainly on how the hosts welcome the guests. The ambience and aroma plays an important role as well. The decoration needs to suit the occasion so that it proves to be paragon of weddings held throughout the world. The food served should be of different variety and tasty enough to satisfy the taste buds.

Congenial Wedding Reception Ideas

Welcome Each Guest

Welcoming each guest by any of the family members of the couple shall make the guests feel really warm and comfortable. The guests will be then able to adjust with the occasion and enjoy every moment of it. The guests can be welcomed by giving a small bouquet or a broach that shall remind them of the opulence of the wedding whenever they look at it. Guests can also be given a box of chocolate, which they can relish on. Mesmerizing Treasure Chocolates  will be best suited for this occasion. This box contains rich and smooth flavors of hazelnut, orange, raspberry, rose and strawberry which shows love and gratitude towards the honoured guests.

Mesmerizing Treasure Chocolates

Music And Dance

If you want to make the wedding demure and very decent, then a soft romantic music shall be good. Couples can dance on the dance-floor and enjoy every moment of the wedding. If the reception is supposed to be a loud one, then a DJ can be called in. Rock and latest movie and album songs can be played where not just the couples, but people of all ages can move their legs on the dance floor.Small competitions like paper dance can be done to make the ambience friendly and jovial. Chocolate boxes can be distributed to people who shook their legs off well. Center Shock Cookie- Cake Surprise will be apt. It has a combination of cookies and cakes which shall prove to be a pure bliss.

Center Shock Cookie-Cake Surprise

LawnAnd Flowers

Wedding receptions held in lawns would add a flavour to the occasion. Lawns will be highly preferable when the weather is cold and people can have a small bon fire. During summers and monsoons, lawns will also be a suitable choice, only if the lawn is connected to a large hall or two so that people can get in if incase there is rain. All wedding receptions are incomplete without natural flowers. Flowers not just provide beauty to the reception, but also give out awesome natural fragrance that makes the environment friendly and lovable. Distributing chocolates among guests, especially kids, shall definitely put them in good spirits.  Amazing Chocolate Box is a sure-shot success. It contains a variety of chocolates such as Almond Purist, Mocha Chocolate, Cashew Dark and Ginger Candy that can tempt any person of any age.

Amazing Chocolate Box

Lighting And Food

Neither too bright nor too dim, the lightings for wedding reception demands perfection. Putting up different coloured lights near the dance floor is highly recommendable. Only white and golden lighting should be done in the rest of the area because such lighting represents elegance. Food should be assigned to a well established or a well renowned caterer so that there is assurance of a healthy and tasty food.

Dark and Milk Chocolate Rocks Collection

Chocolates as desserts will surely bring a smile on everyone’s faces. It will add a sweet aroma in the environment and people will be highly impressed with the food. Dark and Milk Chocolate Rocks Collection is an ecstasy that can put anyone in good spirits. It is a 25 pc box that offers almond purist, peanut dark chocolate, pure bitter dark chocolate, dark and milk rocks with almond flakes.

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