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Unique Wedding Bands Ideas

Every wedding ceremony needs music. Many couples hire bands to perform at their weddings. Modern weddings tend to hire a DJ who can electronically mix up songs. A band, however, gives a more personal touch. The band can adjust the tempo of the music according to the atmosphere and live music sounds romantic and lively.

A wedding band also has the benefit of a better sound quality that energizes the crowd sufficiently. Wedding bands can be selected keeping the wedding theme in mind. A track list should be decided in advance to avoid confusion. A good band can considerably improve the atmosphere and add a fun touch to the wedding. Here are some wedding band ideas.

Ideas For Unique Wedding Bands

A Family Band

Many families have musically oriented members. When a two people in love decide to commit themselves to each other for life, they also join their respective families as one. A fun way to involve both families in the wedding ceremony is to create a family band consisting of all those members who know how to play an instrument or can sing. This would be a unique and wonderful wedding band idea. The band members would be able to play the right kind of music as they would know what the couple likes. To increase the levels of excitement serve boxes of Mesmerizing Treasure Chocolates. This box of hazelnut, orange, raspberry, strawberry and rose flavored chocolates shall mesmerize every guest just like the performance.

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A Parody Band

A parody band would be a fun way to add music to your wedding ceremony or reception. Parody music is when the lyrics of a particular song are changed to something hilarious. This band act would combine both music and comedy thus providing a lot of entertainment. At your wedding, serve boxes of The Magical Chocolate Collection. This box shall be the perfect way to embrace the magic and splendor of the occasion.

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Go All Out

The right kind of music at a wedding makes a huge difference as it sets the mood. Most couples have a song that they can call ‘theirs’. This could be the first song they ever danced to or the fist song they heard together. If this song happens to be by a band, the couple could consider hiring the band to play at their wedding. A famous band would considerably entertain the guests. The couple could inform the guests of the band’s performance in advance or keep it a surprise. End big by distributing at the end of the show, boxes of Coated Almond and Chocolate Medley. The chocolate coated almonds and assortment of chocolates shall be a stunning end to a mesmerizing show.

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A Single Instrument Band

You could invite a band where every member plays the same instrument like a band of drummers or guitarists. This would be different and very unique.

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The track list however would need to be selected with a lot of care and the band members would need to be informed in advance so as to give them enough preparatory time. The single instrument band could be offset by an Occasional flavor chocolate box. This box of chocolates with varying flavors shall definitely contrast the band.

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