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Unique Second anniversary Gift Ideas

Anniversary is the most special day of the year; it is that day of the year which you look forward too. When it’s your second anniversary, you are no more newly married nor you have been married for too long, more the reason to celebrate.

There is no better occasion as your wedding anniversary to celebrate. Anniversary is a lovely occasion to show your immense love and care for your partner. Look out for some wonderful gift idea, to pamper the love of your life, in this lovely occasion. Make this special day memorable with these lovely ideas.

Attractive Gift Ideas For Second Anniversary

Couple Spa

There is loads of place which offer couple spa, book a place for your partner and yourself now. Enjoy the spa; have a lovely quiet and relaxing time alone. Couple spa is an ideal gift; it rejuvenates your body and soul. There are various therapies available like chocolates spa, scrub spa, facial spa etc. Choose the one which you like the best.Get them a box of Coated Almond and Chocolate Medley, stunning looking chocolates with enchanting experience.

Coated Almond and Chocolate Medley gift box

The box has amazing combination of white and dark chocolate; which provides a yummy and mouth-watering chocolaty flavor. A worth buying box for this lovely occasion!


Money is not a problem but time is. It’s been 2 year but you have not got the time to take your spouse out for a holiday? Book a suite, yes you read it right! Call up a hotel and book a room for your partner and yourself and have the best anniversary ever. Your partner will simply love your idea and feel pampered.Add more to your surprise with the Cake Blended Baked Cookies Box.

Plum Cake Blended Baked Cookies Box

The designer box has a charming combination of melodious flavors. The cake is not only amazing to look at but also to taste. The cake has a load of dry fruits in it, which ever dipped in rum before adding.

Movie Time

Bored with the regular outings yet want to do sometime nice for your anniversary? Have a home date! Get a nice romantic movie like ‘The Proposal’, ’10 Things I Hate About You’, ‘P.S. I love’ or your all-time favorite and watch it together with some popcorn and cuddling in the sofa. You will surely have a lovely time together.Along with your popcorn, get them a box of Dark Triple Startle, what a combination movie, popcorn and chocolates.

Dark Triple Startle

The wooden box beautifully separates raisins, chocolates and plum cake. To give you more 5 different varieties of chocolates are added.

Wedding Night

Try to recreate your first night after wedding. Decorate the room the same way and surprise your partner. They will simply love your idea of romance and really cherish your efforts. This will be the best anniversary gift ever rather the most memorable one.Make your night more special and romantic with a box of Heavenly Plum Cake and nutty mix.

heavenly cake and nutty mix

The night keeps on getting better with this heavenly cake and cookies. The cookies are soft and delicious; they simply melt in your mouth leaving behind a pleasant experience. If you like liquor, then you will simply love the plum cake, as the dry fruits where dipped in rum before adding.

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