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Unique Birthday Gifts For Men

Birthday Gifts For Men

Whether you want to gift to your husband, father or uncle or friend, it can be quite challenging for a woman to buy a gift for the man she loves because as they say, “Man are from Mars, Women are from Venus”, making it obvious that men and women as a species have different likes and dislikes.

What pleases you as a woman may not necessarily please the man you want to give a birthday gift. In such a doubtful situation, we present you an array of gift ideas, which are practical and are loved by every man irrespective of their age, hobbies and profession.

Birthday Gifts for Men

Latest phone

Technology excites men and so if you want to pamper your father or boyfriend with a unique gift that he cherishes for a long time then the latest range of cell phones is the best answer. Men just love gadgets and gifting them a latest one can do wonders in your relationship. There is a huge range of variety available, so make a budget first and then decide on the best gadget you can gift him.


You can never go wrong with a cute birthday cake. Blowing out the candles and cutting a cake makes one feel so special and men also love that ‘someone special’ type of feeling. You can make the gift more memorable by ensuring his choice of flavor. Buy him a beautiful cake with lots of fancy candles and see him blown away.

You can choose from a variety of cakes but if you find yourself short of time then ordering online is also a great idea. You can buy from reliable websites like cakes like Naught Walnut Orange Marble Cake or something more conventional like Baker’s Pride Dry Fruit Cake. There are some more interesting cakes available on the site.

Baker’s Pride Dry Fruit Cake


Another way to pamper his sweet tooth on his birthday is to send him a box of chocolates by courier. He will be astonished and secretly pleased when he will see the sender’s name. Write in a nice message and ask him to call you once he has sweetened his mouth on the auspicious day. That makes a wonderful gift indeed.

You can also try something more interesting like a combination of cake and chocolate. You can try Cake Choco Birthday Combination. If you simply want to gift a box of chocolates then 18 Pc. ultimate Truffle Gift Box is also a great idea.

18 Pc. Ultimate Truffle Gift Box


Nobody can deny the fact that every man needs a pen be it your younger brother or your father or your boy friend. Gifting them a nice branded pen can make an interesting gift.

Every time he will proudly take out the pen from his pocket, the fond memories of his wonderful birthday celebrations and your beautiful and thoughtful gift will come to his mind. So, without wasting time, quickly buy a lovely gift for him, nicely gift wrap it and be good to go for sweeping him from his feet!

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