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Unique Birthday Gifts For Girls

Breaking tradition and monotony is the need of the hour! Right from bigger agendas of decision making to simple things like gifts for girls, everything needs to undergo some amount of overhauling to bring in change.

If bringing in change, sounds like a revolution, then let it be! While you can leave the policy changes to the government, you can try and do a few things at your level. For instance, why not think something unusual or creative for birthday gifts to women. You don’t have to splurge on expensive poisons, jewelry or stuff toys or a bouquet of roses, to impress your girl. You can choose to be different, yet impressive by simply following the following great creative birthday gift ideas.

Unique Birthday Gifts For Girls

Handmade Jewelry For The Junk Jeweler

If your girl loves jewelry, it need not be expensive all the time! Have you ever thought of browsing through handmade jewelry? These jewelry are made up of jute, bamboo, terracotta, glass beads, wires and even paper.

In short, it’s the age of recyclable materials, so give these jewelry as birthday gifts to your gal! If she loves junk jewelry, she will love these too! Wrap them up neatly and gift her along with a Real feather rose.

Real Feather Rose

Recipe Box For The Cook

There are girls who swear by cooking and their cook books. On her birthday, why not gift her something that associates to the skill, but in a different way. Try and gift her wooden recipe keepsake box, which will safeguard all her recipe cutouts.

These will look neat, plus call an exit for all those dull and boring looking files, which had been occupying her space. The idea of having a cute little wooden chest, with her secret recipes will delight her! You can even get the box engraved with her name! To add more, bring in a small box of chocolates, to go with it. Add a few Mesmerizing treasure chocolates into the box.

Mesmerizing Treasure Chocolates

Inspirational Quotations On Religious Symbols For The Religious

If you have an ultra religious or highly spiritual girlfriend, who looks out for signs of religion and holiness, then gift her something which will spell both the belief in spiritual, while rooting her to the good things in life. There are quotations written over religious symbols like ceramic crosses or Buddha figurines. These will help her retain her faith, while restoring the faith in these quotes. Gifting a Fengshui laughing Buddha will also be great.

Fengshui Laughing Buddha

Customized Tees Or Merchandise For The Heavy Petter

If your gal loves her pets or has a dog or a cat as a pet, then gift her something that will make her proud to own them. Gift her customized tee or a mug, which explicitly states ‘proud to be the mother of …’ This will make her feel good about herself as well as about the cute little things she has for a pet!

Chocolate Hamper For The Chocolate Freak

Ok these are not so unusual, but they can be made in terms of flavor! Gift her chocolates, which have flavors, different from the contemporary. Gift hampers like magical chocolate collection or 18 piece extravaganza chocolate truffle boxWhile the latter offers flavors like raspberry chocolate, milky French biscuits and almond rocks with flakes, the latter is more about dark Indian spice, cocoa, rum, mocha, coconut and five spice truffles.

The Magical chocolate collection

Special chocolate collection or Delicious rocks gift collection can also be given. These gifts, with a slight touch of creativity or newness will suffice her desire and will also bring change in the typical gift giving culture of the traditional.

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