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Unique Baby Gifts For Newborn

A new born child brings happiness, love and joy for the parents and makes the family complete. A parent tries to provide his child with all his basic needs in the best possible manner. 

If you  know of a couple who has just given birth to a new born baby and wish to give the baby a unique gift which will look attractive and be useful for the parents, then you can choose from these 4 superbly unique baby gifts.

Superb And Unique Baby Gifts

Gift Hamper

A gift hamper containing all the basic toiletries and accessories like soap, shampoo, powder, oil, cream, lotion, diapers, bibs and small napkins for the little baby can be a unique and appealing gift. It will take the tension off the new parents head to buy all the basic toiletries and such items.

And with the gift hamper do not forget to include a box of Dark and Light Jumble which is a unique combination of dark chocolate cookies and a dry fruit cake which is sinfully delicious to the core. The parents of the baby will be more than delighted with this unique gift combo for sure.

Dark n Light Jumble chocolate box

Play Gym

A play gym is yet another unique baby gift which is suitable for the baby from the day he is born till he is quite a few months old. The child can play with the different toys hanging from the cloth bars while his head rests on the soft pillow provided with the mat.

A Naughty Walnut Orange Marble Cake is just what you need to make the perfect combo for the little baby. The parents of the new one are sure to relish each bite of the freshly baked cake also containing walnut pieces in the middle. It is the perfect cake for the parents to relish on while the baby happily plays on the play gym.

Naughty Walnut Orange Marble Cake

Clothes Hamper

A clothes hamper, depending on the child’s sex would be another unique and delightful gift for the baby. You can make a hamper by packing clothes for different age groups so that the parents can use the clothes one by one as the child grows up.

And to make it look complete, just wrap it with a Cherry Chocochip Nutty Mix which is a superb chocolate box that contains 3 flavors of cookies, namely Bishopnut, German Fruit and Dark Chocochip cookies which are perfectly created for you to relish. The parents will not stop smiling when you give them this gift!

Cherry Chocochip Nutty mix

Teddy and Chocolates

A huge teddy bear which is larger than the baby will surely become the baby’s best friend within a few days. Buy a pink teddy bear for a girl while a blue one would be suitable for a boy. The teddy will make the baby smile and the parents will remember you for this unique gift.


What else except chocolates is the best combination for a teddy bear? Simply purchase a Heavenly Plum and Nutty mix which is going to be insanely relished by the parents who will ask for more and more with every bite that they take. This box has a unique combination of Bishopnut Cookies and a delicious Plum Cake which is the perfect gift on the arrival of a new family member.

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