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Traditional Wedding Gifts

A wedding is the time for celebration and to live every moment. Well, wishes are given to the newlyweds in the form of gifts. All the ceremonies are done in the traditional way though the society is changing every day. 

The gifts that people give at weddings keep on changing from time to time but some things remain the same which are known as traditions so giving traditional gifts have some meaning behind them.

Another important thing is that couples from different religions do the wedding ceremonies in a different manner but the traditional gifts for all the religions remains the same.These presents gives the couple everything they need. Traditional gifts have a sentiment behind them.Some of the traditional gifts are discussed here:

Traditional Wedding Gifts Ideas

Traditional Kitchen Gifts

A popular choice for all the people is kitchen appliances. Toasters, cookware, tableware, cutlery sets and other crockery items are the various traditional gifting options. With the modernization of people, you can combine the traditional gifts with modern gifts. Gourmet gifts can also be given with these kitchen items. Crisp cookie soft cake miracle is a combo pack of Chocolate pistachio drop cookies and Dry Fruit Cake which is the best gift for the baked food lovers.

Crispy Cookie Soft Cake Miracle

Traditional Bedroom and Bathroom Gifts

As traditional gifts have to be used by the couple in their daily life so you can also gift bathroom and bedroom utilities as gifts. Bath robes for the couple, linens, vanilla candles, photo frames and other decorative items like flower vases, idols etc. can be given to the newly wed.

If you are thinking that it is not enough to give on the grand occasion of wedding then add some unique collection of chocolates and other gift baskets with it. Rich chocolate nutty combo is one of the best r combos of Bishop Nut cookies and Vanilla Oatmeal cookies that give you the crunch of the nuts and pure aromatic essence of chocolate with the health benefits of oatmeal in it.

Rich Chocolate Nutty Combo

Cash Gifts

One of the most traditional gift for a wedding is cash. this is done in order to return a part of the money spent on making the arrangements for the wedding ceremony. This is done as per the currency of the country. In India it is done in the form of Rs 501,1001,2001,5001 etc. Money can be accompanied with sweets, cakes and chocolates.

Classic Truffles collection is the collection of Almond Truffle, Pista Truffle, Nutty Truffle, Mocha Truffle and Rum Truffle. This collection by Chocholik is very good and it is very beautifully decorated so that you can gift to the couple at the time of the wedding.

18 Pc. Classic Truffles Collection


Indian wedding is incomplete with jewelry. Bride is adorned with gold and diamond. Simple gold bangles with pendant are given for the smaller budget weddings and diamond and other precious stones are given for large budget weddings.

The Magical chocolate collection

These jewelries are given with a sweet box and now a days you can give chocolates as well. Magical chocolate collection has a raspberry chocolate, milky frenches biscuits and almond rocks with flakes which is a delight for the taste buds and will make the couple to indulge in a romantic chocolate fantasy.

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