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Top 7 Unique Valentines Gifts

Valentine gifts are special presents to show your love and concern. However, offering expensive gifts has become a trend and style statement amongst youngsters. Valentine is losing its real essence behind this show buzz. Away from these expensive gift items, you can come across some unique valentine gifts that conceal the power of reviving even a dead relationship from grave. Have a look at the top 7 unique gifts in order to surprise your valentine this year.

7 Unique Valentine Gifts

Cupid Memento

Have you ever wondered of creating magic on Valentine’s Day? The answer would be ‘Ofcourse Yes’. But the question still remains the same i.e. how? Buying expensive gifts for each other, planning a valentine party and having dinner in an exotic five star hotel is not all about making valentine’s Day unique. Mythological stories stay that cupid darts love arrow and we fall in love with someone special for a lifetime.

Create magic this valentine by gifting a cupid memento to your loved one. You can easily find various colorful cupid sculptures in gift stores and artistic galleries. Cupid may again revive the love quotient in your relationship. It certainly makes a unique valentine gift for your loved ones. This one can surely take you back in the memories of time, when the two of you fell in love with each other. Hence, cupid memento gains number one slot in the list of unique valentine gifts this year.

Letter in a Bottle

It sounds like an ancient way of sending over messages to each other, but it can revive love magically in your life. Gift a letter in a bottle to your beloved. The letter should work like a clue to rest of the surprises that you have planned for the whole day. This is one of the most unique starting gifts for Valentine’s Day. It feels like an adventure journey that keeps your sweetheart interested daylong. It sounds like finding a genie lamp in the middle of a sea. Let love and romance mysteriously spill in your life with this unique valentine love memento.

Love in the Chocolate Air Box

This is a perfect unique chocolate box for chocolate lovers. Love in the Chocolate Air box is a mystery chocolate box, since vivid flavors of chocolates keep your spouse guessing. This fun chocolate box is unique, as it offers you the luxury to have 3 different flavored chocolates at the same time.

Love in the Chocolate Air box

This box contains colorful orange, strawberry and raspberry heart shaped chocolates. Nevertheless, it is a unique gifting option for all those people who love chocolates. Chocolates add sweetness to your relationship and vivid flavors add mystery. Thus, love re-enters in your life mysteriously with these valentine chocolates. Hence, gift these unique love chocolates to your beloved in order to enjoy the same mist and passion like that of a new-born love.

Love Card

Cards and greetings are very common valentine wishing options. However, Valentino Love Expression makes greetings and love notes unique and special. Valentino love expression is a mystery love box that contains chocolates, teddy bear and a red colored valentine note card. These many items being offered in a single box is a treat for lovers. This unique deal sounds pocket friendly as well.

Valentino Love Expression

The chocolates are a blend of world famous flavors of orange, cinnamon, hazelnut and raspberry. Indeed, Valentino Love Expression understands the importance of Valentine’s Day. For this reason, the chocolates are heart shaped and colorful. The box is exquisite in its overall external appearance as well. The Valentine greeting is a unique surprise. Love teddy works like a cerry on the cake. Nevertheless, surprise element increases the worth of Love Card which says ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’.

Unique Perfume

Perfumes are common valentine gifts that are very popular and in demand. Men shell out a lot of money in buying the most expensive perfume bottles for their sweethearts. However, a unique perfume has been launched in the market. It is specially designed for the purpose of Valentine’s Day only. The aphrodisiac fragrance in this perfume distinguishes it from the rest of the perfumes in market. According to mythology, Aphrodite is the goddess of beauty and mother of cupid. Thus, this perfume forms a unique gift option, since it conceals the traces of mysterious mythological love.


Flowers are not a new valentine gift option. However, they have been presented in a unique style this season. Red roses in a mystery chest or genie lamp shaped bottle make a unique gift option. The market is also getting flooded with bunch of roses inside transparent crystal cupid sculptures.

This item forms one of the rarest and most unique valentine gifts. When you offer roses in such a unique manner, it is worth adding sweetness to make the moment even more memorable. The Valentino Chocolate Cake and Sweet Teddy box is a unique product for adding sweetness of chocolates in your special moments of love.

Valentino Chocolate Cake and Sweet Teddy box

Valentino Chocolate Cake is a unique blend of coffee, mocha, orange, passion fruit, French biscuit and hazelnut. It helps you in celebrating your Valentine’s Day in the most special manner. Moreover, it is one of the most unique chocolate cakes. You can have the leisure of gifting this unique chocolate cake box to your beloved by simply placing an order.

Assorted Love Chunk

When thinking of buying a unique valentine gift for your sweetheart, there could be nothing more special than Assorted Love Chunk. This chocolate box is a unique choco feast of rose and raspberry heart shaped chocolates. It also contains fruit n nut and almond rocks. Hence, it forms one of the most unique valentine chocolate gifts.

Assorted Love Chunk

You can also take an aid of certain other special chocolate boxes, choco puddings and choco cakes manufactured by some of the best chefs in world. The Plum cake blended baked cookies box, cherry chocochip nutty mix, Delectable cookie cake combo, Naughty Walnut orange marble cake and dark triple startle are some of the most unique valentine chocolate cakes and cookies.

In order to make your Valentine’s Day different and romantic, stick to the unique gifts mentioned above. These gifts are far better than those expensive presents that make Valentine’s Day dry and lifeless.

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