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Top 5 Special Ideas For Baby Gifts

It is a fun to buy gifts for the baby. But the only concern while buying a gift for the baby is to avoid the duplicacy or the probability that the child already have the particular gift. You can rule out this possibility of buying a unique gift that is truly original. You can buy these type of items in some special stores or you can make your own by using your creative ideas.Check out the special baby gifts here:

Special Ideas For Baby Gifts

Monogrammed Gifts

Buy a beautiful blanket,cardigan or cap for the baby and get it monogrammed with the name initials of the baby on it.This may cost you more but it will make your gift very special and unique.You can get it done from boutiques or locally whichever options are available to you with ease.

Diaper Cakes

Diaper cake is a very unique and creative gift for the newborn and diapers are required as well. You should make a diaper cake by arranging the diapers in tiers and then bound them together with the help of a beautiful ribbon or lace. The first tier of diapers should be placed in a round basket and then place the next tier in the middle with the smallest one on the top.

This will make a beautiful three tier diaper cake. After making the cake, surround the entire basket with cellophane. You can also give a real cake with this diaper cake. Naughty walnut orange marble cake has surprising bites of walnut and when both the flavor are mixed together then it makes an amazing combination to give on the birth of the baby.

Naughty Walnut Orange Marble Cake

Team Apparel

This is for sure that when you have to gift a special gift then you need to do some research work. So find out which sports team is the favorite for the father and the mother of the child and then buy the team apparel for the mother, father and the new born. You will definitely get some good stuff on tiny versions of sweatshirts, hats and jerseys. Cheerleading outfits for little ones is also available.

Keepsake Book

This gift is very good and unique but you can gift this type of gift only if you are very close to the mother in terms of relationship as you have to take lot of pictures of the baby which is not possible for everyone.Try to take the pictures when the baby is born and keep on taking the next day and so on.

Now get the photos printed in a hardbound book. These smaller photobooks are easily available and are inexpensive and you can upload photos in it.You will give the baby and the parents a gift that will last forever by framing the sweet pictures of the newborn. Also give Raisins surprise chocolate box which is a rich treat of chocolate coated raisin and dual line of four different varieties of chocolates like caramel, Hazel Praline , Strawberry and Apricot chocolate.

Raisin Surprise Chocolate Box

Baby Essentials Bag

Make a baby bag with all the baby essentials like baby oil,soap,shampoo,talcum,lotion etc.with baby accessories like bibs,hats,socks,mittens,pacifiers etc.You can also add the feeding essentials like feeding bottle and sterilizer in case you want to increase the quantity and the amount of the gift.

Authentic Assortment Chocolate with Lovely Teddy

This gift is incomplete without giving something sweet .So adds a chocolate box to make the gift even sweeter on this sweet occasion. Authentic assortment chocolate with lovely teddy is the finest collection of chocolates made of world class ingredients where every single piece is a true example of luxury and will melt in your mouth.

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