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Top 5 Sixteenth Birthday Gifts For Girls

A sixteenth birthday indicates a transition from teenage into the beginning of adulthood, for every girl.  Hence this occasion calls for a memorable celebration. A sixteenth birthday celebration  must be a  cut above the earlier birthday celebrations, with special birthday gifts.  Here is a list of the top five birthday gifts that young girls would love to have on their sixteenth birthday.

Best Sixteenth Birthday Gifts For Girls

Personalized Jewelry

Jewelry is the best bet for a teenage girl on her 16th birthday. Buy a necklace, a pair of earrings , a bracelet or a pair of anklets. Make these ornaments personalized with a girl’s initials, birthstones or name. Girls would love to team personalized jewelry with their clothes and accessories. You can gift them seven different sets of personalized jewelry items, one to be worn for each day of the week.  Moreover, they will always remember the person who gifted them with stunning personalized jewelry.

Assorted Chocolates And Rich Cakes

There is no age limit when it comes to enjoying chocolates. Girls love chocolates. The Gourmet Choco Cake Duet is a unique gift. This birthday gift is loaded with twenty pieces of velvety, soft chocolate accompanied by a rich, dry fruit cake. It also has a cute, colorful birthday card that will ensure a cheerful birthday celebration.

Gourmet Choco Cake Duet

The Chocolate Chunk Birthday Treat is another birthday gift that girls would love. This birthday treat comes in an elegantly designed box. It has a delectable combination of  a scrumptious dry fruit cake and 16 pieces of heart shaped chocolates with delicious flavors of raspberry, strawberry, hazelnut, rose, cinnamon and orange.

Chocolate Chunk Birthday Treat

Add fun to the birthday party with Fiesta Chocolate Rocks  that come packaged in an exquisitely crafted box. It has 10 pieces of hazel nut rocks, almond rocks and rocks with fruit and nut, covered in silky smooth chocolate.

Best Gadget Gifts

Allow your sixteen year old to have some fun using branded Kindles and iPads. The latest Kindle has a 7-inch, color, touch screen for viewing e-books, movies and magazines. An iPad would be the perfect gift for a tech savvy 16 year old girl. A sleeker alternative to a laptop, she can use it for a myriad of applications including gaming, reading e-books, blogging, social networking, video chat, downloading apps and what not.

Gift Cards

These come in different forms. An i-Tunes gift card would be great for girls who love music. Girls love spa treatments. You can buy them prepaid gift cards for beauty and spa services.  Buy your sixteen year old girl, a shopping gift card from her favorite store. She could use it to pick out clothes, cosmetics and accessories of her choice.  She will value the independence that you give her while shopping. A gift card also ensures that she gets to choose her own gifts in case you are unsure of what to gift her.

Cuddly Teddy Bears

Teddy bears are cute birthday gifts for girls. Gift a sixteen year old girl an adorable, pink Birthday Teddy that she would love to cuddle when sleeping or when feeling low.

Birthday Teddy

So take your pick from these beautiful birthday gifts for girls.

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