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Top 5 Housewarming Gift Ideas

A housewarming party is celebration of achieving a huge asset in life -a home. A home which one can decorate and style as per one’s own style and needs. Obviously, the gifts for housewarming party should be in sync with the needs and style of the owners.

You can choose from a wide variety of things available for the housewarming party but try to be a bit different and creative when buying a gift for your loved ones. Rather than giving those traditional gifts which others may also end up bringing, gift something useful yet new.

Housewarming Gift Ideas

A Beautiful Glass Centerpiece

When we buy our own new home, the strongest urge is to decorate the house. So, why not gift something of great value and beauty as a housewarming gift. You can gift a glass centerpiece or a beautiful wall painting. Try to keep the dimensions of the space in mind. If you are not sure about the size of the rooms then buy things in medium size. Medium sized artifacts can be decorated in the main space and in the lobbies also and fit in almost all kinds of houses effortlessly.

A Carpet

A beautiful carpet is an irresistible gift. Again, keep in mind the size of the room in your mind otherwise buy a center piece carpet. If carpet is out of your budget then you can buy a couple of colorful rugs for the bedrooms. If you are not sure about the color scheme of the rooms then buy the rugs in universal colors like black, brown or red. Ask the shop owner that you may get the color changed in case you find them unsuitable.

A Box of Chocolates

A box of exotic chocolates is sure to bring smile on the faces of your hosts. You can either buy a basket and throw in assorted chocolates of different flavors or you can buy customized chocolate boxes readily available in the market. You can buy fruit chocolate, nut chocolate, sugar free chocolate, white chocolate or dark chocolate as per the taste and requirement of the host family.

Ravishing Nutty Chocolate Collection


Imagine entering the party with a big cake in your hands. You open the gift and the hosts eyes twinkle with joy and surprise as the idea of cutting a cake on housewarming had not come to their mind. You can buy Baker’s Pride Dry Fruit Cake, Naughty Walnut Orange Marble cake, Chefs Special dry Fruit Plum Cake, etc.

Naughty Walnut Orange Marble Cake

They all have fantastic flavors and make a perfect gift for housewarming party.

Dinner Set

A beautiful dinner set is such a versatile gift that even if the host has adequate number of sets, a new one is always welcome. You can choose one made of glass to make it dressier. The glassware can be a bit expensive and if they are out of your budget then melamine ware dinner sets are reasonably priced and come in beautiful shapes and colors. Choose the one which suits your budget and make the hosts happy.

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