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Top 5 Handmade Baby Gifts

Babies are blessings to the family. They increase the bonding between the family members and complete the family. This is definitely a moment of celebration and this joyous celebration cannot be complete without gifts.

Some people like to present gifts to welcome the new member. There are many varieties of gifts available in the baby shops. But a homemade baby gift will be a cherished gift to the babies. Here are some of the handmade baby gifts:

Different Handmade Baby Gifts

Greeting Card

This is a best gift option for the baby and family. You can make a nice card with the help of cardboard paper and write your personal thoughts and wishes for the baby and to the family in a creative way. You can also draw a picture of any cartoon like teddy bear, flowers, animals etc. If you wish to buy cards online then you can go for Congratulations Card. This can be the best card to communicate your feelings to the proud parents.

Congratulations Card

Soft Toy

This is a popular gift option for the baby. You can prepare a soft toy with different shapes. Safety should be the first consideration for making soft toys. Make sure you do not make a small soft toy or the one which is fluffy as it can be risky for the baby. You can choose to make a colorful soft toy as the babies are attracted to colors. An ideal gift would be to select Tweety Pie – this can be a cute gift for the baby.

A Tweety Pie


This is an excellent gift option for the baby. You can make a beautiful blanket which can be used to wrap the baby to keep them warm during winter. To prepare a blanket you should take the exact measurement for the blanket so that it is able to hold the baby. They can be made by selecting various fabrics according to your preference. You can also have the baby’s name embroidered on the blanket.


You can make many types of baby clothing. You can choose from various fabrics and designs. Natural fabrics are a better option if you want to make comfortable outfits for the baby. You should get started by taking the right measures so that it fits the baby properly. You can decorate them appropriately so that they look fancy and create a sense of style for the baby.

Handmade Photo Album

This is a great handmade gift option for the baby. You can decorate the cover of the album with a lot of materials. You can decorate it further by cutting different shapes of animals, flowers, sun, moon, stars, butterflies and stick them on every page of the album. To make the album look attractive you can add glitter and stickers on the top. Also you can add some sweet messages with the help of a sketch pen. The attractive cover of the album will surely bring a smile on the baby’s face. You can also gift a real feather rose for the same purpose.

Real Feather Rose

These are some of the handmade gifts for the baby like 18 Pc Chocolate Extravaganza Truffle Box or Dark and Milk Chocolate Rocks Collection. Handmade gifts are fun to give as you have made them personally. They will be appreciated by both the parents and the baby. Make sure that you choose to give a handmade gift that will be cherished and treasured for many years.

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