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Top 5 Gifts For A Silver Wedding Anniversary

Silver Wedding Anniversary

It is the 25th anniversary celebration of a friend, family member or colleague and you are clueless about what to get them. Silver Jubilee celebrations call for something really special and you don’t want to goof up. Well considering your budget and the relation with the couple you can choose from scores of things.

But to keep it simple and make this confusion easier for you, here are a few ideas. There’s something here for everyone and you can just choose what you like and buy it.

Gifts Ideas For A Silver Wedding Anniversary

Matching Rings Or Bands

If it is your anniversary, then this idea works best! But if you gifting this to your parents, uncle or aunts, or very close friends, then this works well too. You have to get hold of the ring size of the couple, which is not that difficult. Just trick them into giving the size. They might already be wearing wedding bands or rings, so pick something different and personalized. For instance, you can buy platinum diamond rings, with their names inscribed or go for something in gold too.

Gift Coupon Or Holiday Package

For those who have a luxurious budget, this is a sensible idea. You might be pooling in for the gift together or giving it individually.

You can gift them a coupon for some jewellery or lifestyle store, so they can pick something that they like. Else, get in touch with their kids or loved ones to customize a holiday package. After all a silver jubilee sure calls for a second honeymoon! And do get them a box of Love In The Chocolate Air Box… No one gets too old for them.

love in the chocolate air box

Silver Decorative Piece

If you share a formal relation with the couple, i.e. you are their boss or neighbor, then it makes sense to keep it elegant and yet classy.  Though this idea is slightly expensive on the pocket, there’s no reason for being stringent on such occasions. You can also get their names and 25th wedding anniversary inscribed on this. A silver piece like a laughing buddha, silver tray or something decorative serves this purpose well. You can just throw in a warm message with this Anniversary Card.

Anniversary cards

Dinner Set Or Dinnerware

For those who are on strict budgets and don’t want to spend beyond a certain amount, dinnerware is a sensible pick. Now, you don’t have to give an entire dinner set, but stick to something like a 2 or 3 bowl set, which is economical and yet functional. The idea is to give something that is utile and yet budget friendly.

25 Mini Liquor Bottles

This is again another economical idea for the 25th Anniversary. These small little gift packs are easily available at the duty free shops of most airports. You can pick them at decent prices and let the couple soak in the amazing taste of these miniature delights. Again, this makes more sense for a 25th anniversary instead of a bottle of champagne, which is rather cliched. You can also gift it formally or to someone very close to you.

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