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Top 5 Birthday Gifts For Girls

When it comes to presenting a birthday gift to a girl there are many options available in the market. Depending upon the personality type of the girl and your budget, you can gift a variety of things to a girl. Try to think out of box this time and gift her something which she will cherish for lifetime in her memories.

The gifts need not be expensive but they should be thoughtful and they must reflect the fact that you have put in thought and effort in selecting a lovely gift for the birthday girl.

Top 5 birthday Gifts for Girls

A Set of Hair Accessories

Irrespective of her age and hair type every girl needs some or other kind of hair accessories. If she is a school girl she certainly needs those hair bands and pins to secure her hair from falling on her forehead and eyes. If she is a collegiate then she needs those hair accessories to make a style statement. Even when your birthday girl is a professional she needs some pins and clips to get a professional look. So, you have myriad options to choose from.

The market is replete with a variety of hair accessories for all hair types. You can buy chunky ones or you can buy somber ones. Just remember to buy a variety of hair accessories as per the needs of the birthday girl and gift her this statement making item in a beautiful gift wrap. You will be happy to see that happy grin on her face when she will open your gift packet.

A Set of Colors

Gift her something related to her hobbies. If she is a budding artist then the best gift for her would be a nice set of colors and canvas. Gift her customized packets which come with a printed canvas and a variety of colors. If she is fond of embroidery then you can gift a beautiful top or blouse in solid color with a set of embroidery threads and frames. Likewise, think about the girl’s favorite pastime and gift her something which she will use in her leisure and will really treasure.

A Box of Chocolates

If the birthday girl is someone you don’t know much about or it is a bit formal kind of relationship with her like if she is your boss or a colleague then do not hesitate to gift her a box of chocolates. You can never go wrong with a beautiful box of this sweet seduction. If the girl is young in age then you can gift her milk chocolates since most of the children love milk chocolates.

If your relation with the girl is more of professional then buying a box of dark chocolates is the safest bet. You can buy a variety of chocolates online. You can also buy these chocolates in interesting shapes and colors. Love In The Chocolate Air Box is one such interesting option for milk chocolates.

Love in the Chocolate Air box

Similarly, for dark chocolates, you can try something which gives formal look like Exquisite Chocolate 12 Pc Collection.


If you want to surprise your girl friend on her birthday then ring her door bell with a wide smile and a nice birthday cake gift wrapped in a beautiful manner. She will be too happy to receive your gift and have a sweet bite. You can gift her something exquisite like Baker’s Pride Dry Fruit Cake or something sweet and sexy like Naughty Walnut Orange Marble Cake.

Baker’s Pride Dry Fruit Cake

Take along a beautiful musical candle and a nice cake knife to make the gift complete.


Flowers never go wrong. You can gift them to anybody and everybody. They also make a perfect birthday gift. Pick some fresh and exquisite flowers and mix them with a big bunch of locally available flowers to make a unique bouquet. If you cannot go personally to gift the flowers then write a catchy and personalized birthday note and send it with flowers. If you are going yourself to present the gift then warm hugs and a sweet smile will be suffice.

The idea is to make the birthday girl feel special and cared about. Always present your birthday gift with a warm and genuine smile and mention something like hope you will like my little gift on this wonderful day while presenting her the gift. Always ensure hat your gift is nicely wrapped in a gift paper. That heightens the surprise factor and makes gift more presentable. This also makes the person aware that you have put in effort in buying that small gift wrapped thing for her. So, when is the next birthday coming?

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