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Top 5 Birthday Cake Ideas

Cakes are served for various occasions and parties. Birthday is such an occasion and without a cake it is just incomplete. While cakes should be delicious, these must be good in looks as well. A well garnished cake that looks good to eyes creates temptation inside the watchers. To make the cake a creative one, it requires great ideas behind it. Since cakes are the centre of attractions during the birthday parties, cakes should be given a lot of consideration while purchasing.

People at the birthday party do appreciate tasting the delicious cakes. To make the birthdays special and memorable, cakes are the best ways to do so. One can either make a birthday cake at home with some additions or can order it from a shop. Be creative in making the cakes a bit extraordinary to please the lovable friends and relatives.

Sometimes when the cake is tasty, people do not forget the memorable taste and remember the party as well. There are a number of ideas through which one can have wonderful cakes for birthday celebration. Cakes can also be presented to the loved ones as gifts on their birthdays. Below are some of the birthday cakes that are excellent as birthday presents.

Top Birthday Cake Ideas

Nuts and Dried Fruits Cakes

Cakes made of dried fruits are good for health and are tasty as well. The Baker’s Pride Dry Fruit Cake is one of such delicious cakes that have dried fruits spread all over the cake. It is a wonderful gift for presenting it on the occasion of birthday.

Baker’s Pride Dry Fruit Cake

It can be eaten with tea or coffee to enjoy the delicious taste. The best thing about these cakes is that they are natural and nutritious. One can use different types of fruits and nuts to make such a cake at home. The nuts and fruits over the cake appear like jewels over the pudding. The Naughty Walnut Orange Marble Cake is another type of cake which has a mixture of baked orange marble and walnut. Both the combinations provide a unique taste.

Naughty Walnut Orange Marble Cake

It can be served during the evening time with tea or coffee. The odour and flavour of nut cakes make them irresistible to taste.

Plum Cakes

Plum cakes like Chefs Special Dry Fruit Plum Cake are absolutely delicious cakes. Plum cakes are very suitable to gift on birthday occasions. These cakes can be mixed with chocolate. The Plum Cake Choco Merger is a cake that has numerous chocolate flavours in it like nutty marble, passion fruit, butter scotch etc.

Chefs Special Dry Fruit Plum Cake

These cakes are well presented and garnished that look awesome. Plum cakes are though mostly used for Christmas occasions, can be used as birthday gifts. These are soft and fluffy from inside and contain a number of nuts, resins, fruits in combination. These are no doubt delicious and tempting but are very nutritious also.

The plum cakes of different textures and flavours like Plum Cake with Chocolate Rocks n Blocks make the gift a perfect one to present on birthday and other occasions.

Plum Cake with Chocolate Rocks n Blocks

The shapes and designs of chocolates with the plum cake add beauty to the whole gift making it a complete birthday package.

Cakes with Chocolates and Cookies

Birthday cakes that are to be used as gifts are combined with chocolates and cookies. These cookies together with cakes add up the flavour and deliciousness. It is like a big surprise for the loved ones when they open the gift and find cookies along with cakes. The sweetness of these chocolates and cakes bestow sweetness in life as well. The Finest Combo Chocolate and Cake is an excellent cake of such kind that provides a combination of two tempting dishes.

Finest Combo Chocolate and Cake

Soft Cakes with Cookies

Soft cakes are very well suitable for gifting someone. When this soft cake comes with cookies, it adds more value. The Crisp Cookie Soft Cake Miracle is this kind of cake. The combination of two flavours is a great dish to enjoy with tea.

Crisp Cookie Soft Cake Miracle

Soft cake as the name specifies is too soft and at the same time too tasty to allure the tongue. Have the baked cookies after eating some pieces of soft cake that would change up the taste and mood as well.

Combo Cakes

When buying a cake and thinking of purchasing a gift also,Chocolate Chunk Birthday Treat is a wonderful type of cake that comes with a birthday greeting card and heart shaped chocolates along with dry fruit cake for celebrating birthday. Gifting these combinations would be a wonderful surprise for the dear ones.

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