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Top 5 Beach Birthday Party Themes

If you thought beaches were all about spending a romantic getaway like a honeymoon, then you need to broaden your horizons! Beaches are now being preferred from wedding destinations, to parties. When it comes to parties, people love to have birthdays and anniversaries planned along the pristine blue waters and clear blue skies.

Beach birthday parties are hip and quite happening at the moment. Fuelled by the aggressive demand, more and more event planners are turning for some beach specific themes for organizing birthdays. Let’s chalk out the ones, which are becoming increasingly popular these days.

Beach Birthday Party Themes

Sand Castle Party For The Craft Lovers

Partying along the beach means getting to play along the beach and building sand castles. Games like sand building exercises are fun to watch and an artistic pursuit, which is loved by people, who have an artistic bent of mind.

If you too have friends, who love to get dirty and crafty with sand, then choose this specific theme for your birthday beach party. When tired, arrange for some quick energy bars or chocolates like those from Attractive chocolate collection.

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Food And Drinks Party Under The Stars

Doing nothing is the agenda of some along the beach. It’s all about having a nice time, in good company, via food, and good friends. If chilling is all you have in mind, then opt for some chilled out theme like a food and drinks party.

Make it a night party, so as to enjoy the serene calmness of the river or sea and enjoy watching the stars, twinkling in the sky. For food, opt for light snacks or comfort foods like chocolates and cheese. For chocolates, get gift hampers like  Authentic assortment of heavenly chocolates, Special chocolate collection or Delicious rocks gift collection from chocholik .


Beach Wear Party Is Always Cool

Planning a beach wear party is another hot shot favorite with youngsters. A way to flaunt the sun kissed skin and the perfect curves is to get undressed and get into some skimpy looking beach outfits. Many celebrities and models love the idea of hosting a beach wear party along the coastal regions of Miami or Hawaii or Bora Bora for their birthdays! If a fashionista, then nothing can rock on your birthday party, than this theme.

Water Sports Theme For Birthdays

Beaches are not just sand, but more through waters. If the adventurous kind, then opting for water sports or simply cruising in the waters will be fun and frolic. Indulge in some guilt free fun and get into sports, which will activate your adrenaline rush. Be it paragliding, swimming, snorkeling, diving or simply boating, get an expert of the sport and jump into the waters, to make it a really fun filled birthday party!

Dance Party Is Always Great

A jolly good party along the beach is the one that has some groovy moves along some really good beach songs! Beach party for many means an all night long dance and stay awake party.

Right from dancing to humming, this theme definitely brings along many on the favorite beach destinations of some places. Plan your birthday party, along the coastal line, if dance is all on your mind! Don’t forget to have some snacks and chocolates, to go with it. Try Mesmerizing treasure chocolates from Chocholik.

Mesmerizing Treasure Chocolates

If your birthday falls on summers, then you are up for planning a beach party. Choose from any of the above mentioned themes and enjoy your birthday.

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