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Top 4 Ideal Gifts for a Baby Shower

Baby showers are celebrated all over the world to pamper the to-be-mother and make her special before the arrival of her bundle of joy. A baby shower means time for some games, lots of delicious food, fun and wonderful gifts for the pregnant woman.

When choosing a baby shower gift, you must choose a gift that the mother can use for the baby for years to come. You can choose amongst these top 4 ideal gifts for a baby shower.

Useful and Beautiful Gifts for the mother-To-Be

Bouncy Seat

A bouncy seat makes a very ideal gift for a baby shower. A bouncy seat allows the new parents to finish off their chores without having to worry about their newborn. Being very versatile and portable in nature, a bouncy seat is made up of good quality fabrics spread over a metal frame with straps on both sides.

Add a dash of sweetness to the bouncy seat by adding a Baker’s Pride Dr Fruit Cake which boasts of heavenly texture and is one of the most delicious cakes in recent times. If you are waiting for the baby shower to happen, simply order this cake and store it as it lasts for up to 2 months, provided that you can resist the temptation of not eating it yourself!

Baker’s Pride Dry Fruit Cake

Baby Cot

Due to lack of space or to get their own privacy, many parents wish to make their newborn sleep on a different bed. If this is the case, a baby cot will prove to be one of the best baby shower gifts as this will allow them to make their baby sleep in the same room as theirs.

Just drop in a Divine Chocolate Box in the cot before you gift it to make it a sweet surprise for the to-be-parents. Consisting of assorted flavors like nutty marble, pista praline, ginger candy, white ganache, dark cinnamon fantasy, milky hazelnut praline, this box is going to be relished by people of all ages.

Divine Chocolate Box

Baby Monitor

This gift can be of great help for new parents, especially the first-time ones. If the parents have to make their new born sleep in another room, this baby monitor helps them to keep track of their baby’s movements.

Combine the monitor with a Cherry Chocochip Nutty Mix to make the gift complete and attractive. These freshly baked bishopnut, dark chocolate and german fruit cookies are sure to be enjoyed by the to-be-mother and the little one inside her!

Cherry Chocochip Nutty mix

Baby Sling

If you feel that the mother-to-be needs some help in moving about with the baby in an easier manner, a baby sling would be the best baby shower gift for her. A baby sling allows the child to snuggle up to his mother and also leaves both the arms of the mother absolutely free.

Dark Triple Startle

Make a combo of the baby sling along with a Dark Triple Startle which is a box full of surprises for the mom-to-be. It has lots of raisins which are coated with chocolates; a dry fruit stuffed plum cake along with some chocolates which are available in 5 different flavors. Just what the craving mom needs!

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