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Top 4 Cool Birthday Ideas

A birthday is a special occasion for everybody. So it should be celebrated with a band. You can throw a small or big birthday party depending upon your budget.

A small birthday party can be planned at home or at a restaurant and a big party can be arranged in a banquet hall or in the park. Some of the ideas for birthday celebration are discussed here:

Cool Birthday Party Ideas

Karaoke Party

Karaoke Party is all about dance, music and masti. You need to place a karaoke machine at your home which is available for rent at a reasonable price. People can sing as much as they want. You can give them options to choose songs from a particular year or the latest arrivals.

The options should be available in written so that people can choose from by picking a slip from the bowl or hat. In the end, every guest will vote for the best performer of the night. Decorate the place with lots of balloons, streamers and other party supplies.

Scavenger Hunt

This is a different type of party for everyone. Hide some of the items at different places like yard, roof top or any other strategic location of the place of the birthday. The first clue of the hided item will be provided to the team by the party organizer and rest of the clues will be available at the location of the previous items.

Make three or four items .The party organizer has to ensure that the clue is kept at the place only to help the lagging teams to go to the next item. It would be better to place the items in the plastic boxes with the clue on it. Winners will be rewarded by gift baskets and chocolate boxes.

Chocolates cake gift combo is more than just a fudgy chocolate as it melts in the mouth and satisfies the cravings of dry fruits and chocolates. It has a combination of chunks of Hazel and fruit biscuit, Mocha, Passion Fruit and orange is what you get to involve yourself with.

Chocolates cake gift combo

Theme Party

Themed party is the latest idea for a birthday celebration. You can choose any type of theme depending upon the age group of the birthday boy or girl. A latest idea of a theme party is to throw an 80’s themed party by playing movies of 80’s , dressing style of 80’s and then a contest to choose the best 80’s inspired wardrobe .

Chocolates and cakes are liked by everyone so gift the best wardrobe of 80’s . Plum cake with chocolate rocks and blocks has whole chunks of Almond rocks, Dry fruit Plum Cake with five different textures and tastes of chocolate assortments in it ranging from Mocha to Passion fruit to orange.

Plum Cake With Chocolate Rocks n Blocks


Paint ball is the party in which people will adventure with their own creativity. You can get some paintballs on rent. Make teams of 2-3 people .Play this game with all your senses. You can capture the flag, defend the court and in the end you need to find the last man standing.

After the session of paintball is over, snacks and other refreshments will be served and you can give the winner exciting prize like a book to create, painting colors, study lamp etc. Now in the end you can give your guests chocolates that are packed very beautifully in wooden boxes.

Divine Classic Chocolate box

Divine chocolate box have five unique flavors of chocolates with raisins coated with Milky Fruit and Nut Rocks, Hazel and French Biscuit Praline, Orange Chocolate and Dark Fruit and Nut. Don’t waste your money on things that are of no use for your guests and they get them a return gift, Rather chocolates are the best option that people of all ages enjoy eating it.

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