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Top 4 Classic Wedding Dresses

Wedding is the most important day in one’s life as it happens only once. It is a lifetime celebration which one wants to celebrate whole-heartedly. Dressing up classically in weddings is rather a custom. Dresses worn by the invited members in wedding party look very beautiful.

One praises each other’s dress up style and make up while in a party. Everybody make this day a special one by wearing traditional dresses and matching accessories.One definitely wants to look attractive and beautiful. Choosing the perfect dress for attending wedding party starts even a month before the wedding day. One visits one shop to the other for finding a dress that can suit one’s personality.

It obviously takes not only hours but several days to choose the right dress for the event. It is really a very tough decision as to which dress to wear and which not. Below are listed some of the dresses which are very suitable for wedding occasion.

Top Classic Wedding Dresses


Lehnga is one of the foremost choices for wedding amongst women. It is a traditional Indian dress which can be worn in occasions like weddings. It is available in a number of styles. Different colours and shades are available in this wedding dress.Red coloured lehnga is mostly preferred and has been worn since ancient times on wedding occasions. Mermaid style in Lehnga dress has been launched in recent years. It has become very popular style not only for the bride but also for those ladies who attend the marriage parties. Just imagine yourself wearing a beautiful lehnga and carrying Wedding Chocolates as wedding gifts for the bride. It would really overwhelm the bride and the groom.

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Saree is an Indian classic dress for events like wedding. Nowdays, it has been available in a number of styles. It is worn in different ways in different regions in India. A red coloured shining saree studded with stones would be an absolute fit for wedding purposes.Bright colours like pink, brown and red are very commonly available in sarees. These bright colours look fabulous for wedding day. A wedding sarees is a complete dress that makes the bride look attractive and unique in the crowd. You can also gift a beautiful saree to the newly bride along with Ravishing Box With Tweety as wedding gift.

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Suits are beautiful dresses which are wonderful for occasions like wedding. Suit is simple to wear and looks elegant as well. Indian suits have lots of varieties in them. Different kinds of suits available in the market include Punjabi suit, Patiala suit, chooridar salwar suit and many more. What makes the suit a unique wedding dress is duppatta that is worn with suits around the neck, on shoulder or around the arms.It is a very popular dress for wedding event as gift for presenting to each other. Why not gift this wonderful dress along with Dark Triple Startle chocolates? It would really be an awesome idea.

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Long Dress

Long dresses are absolutely suitable for wedding occasions. T-dress is one of the long dresses that can be worn on wedding day. Long dresses are available in different styles viz. mermaid dress, neckline dress, ball dress etc.

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Long dresses are mostly considered to be dresses that are worn by princess.Since a bride is not less than a princess on the wedding day, long dresses make the occasion very special for the brides. A long dress can also be gifted by a groom to her bride along with Real Feather Rose before marriage.

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