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Top 10 Gifts for Women

Birthday Gift For Her

It is often said that it is very difficult to understand a woman. If that holds true for you, your dilemma in terms of choosing perfect gift for your beloved woman is totally understandable.

To begin with you need to understand the occasion before you list out things to gift; also you would need to know likes and dislikes, so that you can narrow down your choices.

Top 10 Gift Ideas For Women 


Contrary to famous belief, there are quite a few women who are tech-savvy. They like to update themselves with newest entry in the market and constantly upgrade themselves. For such women, you could arrange for latest mobile or camera, laptops, i-pad etc. according to your budget.Even if you are not sure if your lady is a gizmo freak you could still gift her music players, I-pods etc. Now who doesn’t like music?


Little cliche, but flowers still hold special place in a woman’s heart. With entry of new exotic flowers like orchid, tulips etc. and the fact that they are easily available, you could make your bunch more interesting.

Twinkling Hearts Chocolates with Rose and Love Teddy

Surprise her with fresh sweet smelling flowers after a tiring day and watch her heart melt.


Fragrances in today’s time are more of necessity than luxury.And, women who are so prim and proper about their looks, perfume make an ideal gift. Calvin klein, Elizabeth Arden, Chanel no. 5 etc could be your possible choice.


Another fashion accessory, women love to flaunt and can’t have enough is a bag. Coming in all possible size, shapes and colors from various branded manufactures, you could find your pick from the variety displayed and your budget.


Books are another safe and less tricky gift idea you can opt for. If you are not very sure of what author or genre, your girl loves the best you could simply opt for light hearted best sellers or classicsike love story and a walk to remember. Not a mushy-girl? Gift her a year’s subscription of her favorite magazine.

Spa Treatment

Want to treat your woman royally? Want to make her feel like a Queen even if it is for a day? Book a day at Spa for her. Some treatments would not only help her relax but also enhance her beauty, sounds like a good deal for you too, isn’t it?


Which is one gift that doubles up as an investment; Jewellery of course. With every increasing rates of gold, silver and diamond, buying her a jewellery would be a delight her and asset for you.


Looking to indulge your loved one? Why not book her for all expenses paid vacation at a location she was longing to visit. Alternatively if you are looking to spend some quality time with her, whisk her to a near-by getaway, surprise like these are always welcome. This would be one gift she would cherish forever.

Gift Voucher

Still unsure? None of the gifting ideas touched you? Or probably the woman in question is a friend or acquaintance, you don’t really know. Best bet here would be gift her gift-vouchers. Now-a-days everyone from malls to bookshops to jewellery, all readily stock up gift vouchers of various denominations. Gift one and see the face of the person lit up like never before.


One gift item that can never go wrong with is Chocolates. And if they are handmade Belgium chocolates from, you have already won your battle.  Women of all size, shapes and ages drool over chocolates, plus you need no real occasion to gift them. You could pick any and gift it, to make their day special. If your woman is dark chocolate lover you can find good collection at and if you are confused which one to gift her simply log onto and make your pick.

Chocolate Chunk Birthday Treat

These are few simple gift-ideas for woman, try one today and make that special lady of your life smile like never before.

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