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Sweet Sixteen Gifts for Boys

Thirteen makes you a teenager and eighteen makes you an adult. Sixteen is the awkward phase in between when all the childishness has worn out but adulthood is yet to set in. In many countries, sixteen is the age when teenagers can learn how to drive and exercise a certain level of independence.

This age is a very important milestone. It is free of the responsibilities of adulthood and the restraints of childhood making it the perfect age. Celebrations should be huge and highlight the importance of this occasion. Gifts are a must and should be given by both friends and family. This guide provides some sweet sixteen gift suggestion for boys that are worth considering.

Sweet 16 Gift Ideas For Boys

Movie Or Game Tickets

Whether it is for an upcoming game or a much awaited movie, tickets always make great gifts. They work as a combination of a gift and a treat. A pair of tickets would let him celebrate his birthday twice, one when you are presenting it and a second time when he is attending the movie or game. However, the likes and dislikes should be kept in mind to make the gift effective and wonderful. Gift if along with a box of Rocks Chocolates. These nut chocolates, cinnamon chocolates, rum and raisin chocolates and caramel chocolates add an ambrosial flavor to the range.

Scintillating assortment of Rock Chocolates

A Mass Storage Device

A mass storage device like a pen drive would be a very useful gift. The world now operates on an electronic basis and a gift like a pen drive would thus prove very useful. They also come in a variety of designs and a few have a number of features like an attached MP3. There is a lot of flexibility on the size and can be chosen as per the necessity.
Team it up with a collection of Cookies.

Belgian Choco Chip Cookies

These chocolates are filled with almonds and cashews and come in flavors like butterscotch, ginger, mocha and hazelnut. This would make a wonderful addition to an already great gift.

A Basket Of Sixteen

Gift baskets make wonderful gifts. a basket of sixteen gifts would be a very interesting concept as it would help make this very important day very memorable. The basket could be an individual present or a group present. Items like tee shirts, music CDs, headphones, sunglasses, iPods, books, stationary, chocolates, sneakers, deodorants, sporting goods, and so on could be included. A gift basket should definitely have chocolates. While compiling the basket, you could include a Chocolate Boxes. These boxes has a variety of fruit flavors like apricot, passion fruit and orange, all of which are essential to a gift basket.

Wonderful Treat for Chocoholics


Posters are easy to put up in a room. A poster could be that of a favorite band or a personalized one of all his friends and him. Posters are fun, colorful and interesting.

Good Friends Share Delightful Choco-Treats

A poster with a lot of messages on it could be a very intriguing gift. Merge it with a box of chocolate . This combination of dark chocolates and milk chocolates shall be a great way to gift a poster.

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