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Surprise Gifts For Men

Gifts when given without an occasion come as a very pleasant surprise. Men love to be surprised. A surprise gift is a spontaneous gesture that expresses love, care and adoration. This technique is especially great when the person is troubled by an incident, feeling down or is simply overburdened with work.

Surprises are wonderful ways to cheer people up as it offers a magnificent break from routine work. The essence of a pleasing surprise is correct timing. While gifting something out of the blue, this factor should be kept in mind. The receiver should be in a mood to receive the surprise with appreciation. Perfect timing shall result in a perfect gift. Here are a few suggestions.

Attractive Surprise Gift For Him

Send Flowers To His Work Place

Sending a bouquet of flowers to the work place is a very thoughtful gift, especially if your man is feeling undervalued at work. This would be a great way to pep him up and lift his spirits. Flowers make for very pleasing gifts. They are simple yet very effective. A bouquet of colorful flowers will add a lot of color and warmth in the receiver’s day. Along with flowers, send a delectable chocolate box suited for the occasion. The chocolates shall be a mouthwatering addition to the gift and definitely a sweet surprise.

The Magical chocolate collection

An Unplanned Trip

There are many ways to surprise with an unplanned trip. You could plan a trip and reveal it on the very day you are going; you could blindfold your man and let the place be a surprise till you arrive; you could also pack a bag of his clothes and ask him to meet you at a particular place. The element of surprise would create a sense of adventure to the trip. For the location, you could book a cruise, a weekend resort, a day trip to the amusement park or a trip to the closest hill station or beach town. Surprise him further by gifting him a box of white chocolates. The assortment could be filled with delectable flavors like raspberry, strawberry, orange, pistachio, cinnamon, mint, caramel, hazelnut, almond, pineapple, French biscuits and so on.

Assorted Love Chunk

Take Him Out To Lunch

A wonderful way to surprise him is to show up at his work place and take him out to work. This would not only be a yummy break from work but also a great way for him to reenergize and refocus on work. You should however, be careful and select a date that doesn’t clash with his meetings. During lunch, gift him an assortment of nut chocolates. The chocolates shall make the meal sweeter.

Lovable Chocolate Collection

Cook His Favorite Meal

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Cooking your man’s favorite meal is always a great surprise. You could also add a touch of romance to the atmosphere by lighting scented candles.

Attractive Chocolate Collection

This meal would not only be a delicious treat but also a way to reemphasize your affection. After dinner, open a box of fruit chocolates. A box of chocolates shall be a great way to relax and end a romantic meal.

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