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Smart Ideas For Planning Children’s Birthday Party

Planning forms an integral part of any successful birthday party. Planning for a birthday party should always be taken seriously. Do not think that a kids’ birthday party can be organized instantly.

Rather, my experience suggests that kids’ birthday party needs much more careful planning and execution than adults because kids are kids. They may come uninvited, they may hurt themselves or they may finish the goodies faster than you imagined so it is better to plan the party well and make it memorable for everyone.

Tips For Planning Children’s Birthday Party

One Month Before Party

Almost a month prior to your kid’s birthday, plan about the theme of the birthday party, the guests and the venue. Consult with your kid also. If the birthday kid has any siblings then include them also in the planning process. If the siblings have any friends whom they would like to invite in the party then include their names also in the guest list. Chalk out details like at what time would you like the guests to be present, when will the cake be cut, etc.

Two Weeks Before Party

Two weeks prior to party start stocking items for the party. Stock things like return gifts, decoration stuff, and things required for activities and games. Roasted Almond Chocolate bar with Teddy makes a very interesting return gift. It is a lip smacking combo of almond chocolate and a cute teddy bear.

Roasted Almond Chocolate bar with Teddy

Children will fall in love with this return gift. Decide about the games and activities you plan to include. Always decide on 2-3 extra games so that if you finish the games early kids do not get bored. Stock items required for extra games also. This is the right time to talk to your friends and relatives who can come over for helping you.  Send the invitations around this time and decide on the menu also. It is also advisable to buy or update an existing first aid box. Children may hurt themselves while playing and a first aid box may come quite handy.

One Week Before Party

One week before the party, start stocking grocery items for the menu. If you are ordering cake, visit the baker and order the cake. You can also order online if you are short of time. Baker’s pride Dry Fruit Cake, Naughty Walnut Orange Marble Cake, Chefs Special dry Fruit Plum Cake, etc.

Baker’s Pride Dry Fruit Cake

are some of the good options available online. Take in account kids as well as their parents because you will certainly like to offer cake and snacks to parents who will come to pick or drop their kids. Make a final schedule of the day including time of arrival of guests, time required for games and activities, cake cutting time, time of serving dinner, etc.

2-3 Days Before Party

Buy snacks, cold drinks and other such stuff for party. You can buy some delicious cookies online. They come in beautiful packing and make an attractive option for snacks. Cherry Chocochip Nutty Mix and Fresh Baked Cookies Assortment comes in delicious flavors.

Cherry Chocochip Nutty mix

Check out on the menu once more and see if you want to add or remove any of the items. Check batteries of your camera. Cross check once more if you want to buy any supplement for the games and activities. Call on the guests and confirm number of people coming to the party.

One Day Before Party

This will be the most hectic day for you. Fine tune everything once more. Cross check the menu list, the schedule of the party, decoration stuff, etc. Decorate the party area. Clean the toilets and bathrooms. Change bed sheets, table covers, rugs, cushion covers, etc.

On The Party Day

Prepare snacks/foods in the morning itself so that you may also enjoy and relax with kids. Clean and neatly arrange the tableware. Ensure enough candles and balloons. Decorate the house with balloons, streamers, etc. Take a short afternoon nap and get dressed up for the party. Dress smartly and apply some make up to look like a smart mom and enjoy the party with children.

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