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Simple First Anniversary Gift Ideas For Him

Special Gifts For Him

“Firsts” are always special. First love, first kiss, first car and such memories always hold special place in everyone’s heart. So, when it comes to gifting your partner for your first anniversary, the gift can be anything but mundane. Gifting a man can be as tricky as buying something for a woman.

You need to be well researched and thoroughly in sync with his likes and dislikes. Apart from gifting chocolates from or if your man is not a chocolate guy you can gift him some yummy treats from, ties and wallets you can also look at the options given below.

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First Anniversary Gift Ideas For Him 

Video Games

Love it or hate it, men and their fascination for video games, is not something that can be given up easily. In fact these are little pleasures you can let him indulge in, while you go out shopping with your girlies or spend day at Spa. Video games or Play stations can be ideal first anniversary gifts as they promote the thought of what makes you happy, makes me happy.

Concert Tickets

If your man is concert-junkie, you could gift him concert tickets for his favourite band or match. You can accompany him or sponsor his friends, so that he can enjoy it to the hilt. Take a box of to celebrate post-gig.

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Nothing could be a better gift than old memories revisited. You could collect photos of his childhood and other important events of his life and put together them in an album. Or if you have photographs of your journey together you could make a collage and gift it to your beloved.

Electronic Items

Men love to be labelled as Geek. They have this never ending romance with their gadgets. Like women can’t get enough of shoes, men want to acquire each new invention that comes in the market. Electronic shavers, latest mobile phones, laptops and tablets etc there is a wide array of things you could choose according to your man’s taste and your budget.


Almost all men and women love to argue on type of cloths to wear. You could use anniversary as an excuse to ask your man to wear clothes of your choice. You could gift him shirts and trousers with matching ties, in short change his whole wardrobe, subtely ofcourse. This would serve as gift for him as well as you.


Another fantastic gifts idea for anniversary is Cds or DVDs of his favourite musician or band. You could go for ready-made available in music stores or if you want to give a personalise touch, download them websites and burn it for him. There are quite of few men who love reading. You could gift him book of his favourite author or gift him subscription for his coveted magazine. He wouldn’t be able to thank you enough.


Last but not the least, easiest way to make your man fall for you again is buying him some booze. You could opt from the exquisite Champagne to finest Wine or lay your hands on safest bet Beer, either way you have your man grinning ear to ear.

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Use these simple gifts ideas and couple it with a candle light dinner with cake from, you surely will melt you man’s heart.

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