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Diwali is that time of the year that is marked by celebrations all around. The festival of lights is filled with colours and joy, where people get together to exchange their wishes and blessings, and join in to celebrate their joy and their togetherness. It is the time where people wait in anticipation for the kind of gifts that they would receive from their close friends and relatives, even if they may not be able to meet in person due to distances that may have separated them from one another. And one way in which you could cover the distance and make the difference in space irrelevant is to send chocolates online.

Pista and Nutty Chocolate Collection

Pista and Nutty Chocolate Collection

Price: 649

When you send chocolates online on a festive season, it makes all the more the difference to people who may miss your physical presence during the special occasions. It is one thing not to be able to make it physically to share in the joy and celebrations. But there isn’t much that would stop you from sending chocolates online to reach their destinations in time.

Finest Chocolates Gift Pack

Finest Chocolates Gift Pack

Price: 899

One of the most attractive propositions when you send chocolates online is the ability to choose among a whole range of options. Whether it is the thick and delicious cashews that have been added on to the already special and tantalising dark chocolates, or it is a matter of adding a whole range of nuts from pista and almonds to dark chocolates or their milky counterparts, there is a streak of joy that you could inspire in your recipients when you send chocolates online, which can be paralleled by none.

Heart Special Chocolate Collection Gift Combo

Price: 749

There is so much more available to choose from when you send chocolates online. The combination of pista and praline ensconced in white chocolate would be out of the world, even as you could choose the minty combination to go with the rich creamy chocolates for a different twist to the chocolaty tale. The mocha truffle and the orange truffle have long been some of the most preferred options to send chocolates online, as you get off the beaten track and reach out to someone’s heart with the peppy flavours. Whether you are a fan or cashews, pistas or almonds, or you would want raspberry and strawberry flavours added on to your favourite chocolates, it is never a wrong occasion to send chocolates online and inspire joy in someone at a distance.

Dark and Milk Chocolate Rocks Collection Gift Combo

Price: 1349

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