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Ruby Wedding Anniversary Ideas

50 Wedding Anniversary

Ruby Wedding Anniversary means 40th wedding anniversary. Living together from the past 40 year with commitment and love is a wonderful reason for celebration. There are plenty of ideas like throwing a party, holiday, candle light dinner, decorating the house and many more, which you can do.

But these ideas have become quite common from the past few years. You are looking for some unique and special ideas, an idea that is uncommon and exceptional. Look no further, below are some wonderful and unique ideas for the celebration of ruby wedding anniversary.

40Th Wedding Anniversary Ideas


Co-large is made by assembling lots of pictures. Take a big mirror or wooden board, glue some memorable pictures and write beautiful quotes and your co-larger is ready.To make it more attractive add colorful paper cut-outs, ribbons, dry flowers etc.With the beautiful co-large give box of Indulgent Chocolate Rocks, the chocolates are delicious and heavenly.


The box is equally divided in 2 halves, the first half offer delightful fruit n nut rock and second half is yummy almond rock. The box is beautiful and the wrapping is eye-catching and pretty.

Go Green

Planting tree is a symbol of love and life. This is one of the best occasions to give a gift like this. Plan and book a place where they organize an event of planting trees. This is one of the best and exclusive ideas and the couple will simply love it. You are not only giving them a wonderful experience but also doing your share for the environment.When it comes to chocolates age is no bar, from a kid to an adult everyone loves it. With your go green amazing idea give them a box of Delectable Cookie-Cake Combo.

Delectable Cookie-cake Combo

The plum cake is soft and tempting. You will simply love the cake with your morning and evening coffee. The chocolate pistachio drop cookie is a must taste. Beautiful to look and has mouth-watering flavor.

Family Picnic

Family picnic is also a wonderful idea. Choose a nice place for a lovely get together. Family picnic is a wonderful idea of reunion with your close family and friends. 40th anniversary is a perfect occasion for such a nice gathering. Try organizing it during a weekend, so that everyone can surely make it, to this event.Take with you a box of Twinkling Hearts Chocolates, which are simply delicious to eat, the more you eat the more you desire.

Twinkling Hearts Chocolates

The box offers 20 pieces of angelic chocolates, which has rich flavors of hazelnut, rose, strawberry and raspberry, one must buy box.

Make A Video

Making videos are really special. Tell your closed one, to think of something nice to say about the couple and also to wish them for their 40th anniversary, tape it and send it to you. Club all the videos together with some nice pictures and song. Burn it in a cd and play it during the party, the couple will be over whelmed with your idea.


Along with this lovely cd get the couple the Special Chocolate Collection, amusing combination of chocolate offering ginger candy, nutty mendiants, dark almond flakes rocks and strawberry chocolate flavors. All the materials are especially chosen for the chocolates to taste delightful.

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