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Romantic Valentine Day Gift For Husband

Valentine is not only a love fest for un-married and freshly in love couples. It is an equally romantic and special love celebration for married couples. Valentine’s Day offers married couples a chance to revive romance and spice of love back in their lives. In order to surprise your husband on this valentine day, you can take an aid of some chocolaty romantic valentine gifts offered exclusively by

Exclusive Valentine Day Gift for Husband

Weekend Trip

Your husband must be as busy a man as any other working person in this world. In such a scenario, a relaxing weekend could turn out to be wonderful at the end. Offering plenty of love during a free weekend, away from work pressure, have all the elements of reviving romance between married couples.

You could charm your husband even more by gifting him a special valentine chocolate box during your valentine weekend trip. Twinkling Hearts Chocolates box is a perfect example of stirring the sweetness of chocolates in your relationship.

Twinkling Hearts Chocolates box

Chocolates create love vengeance, which is enough to steal the heart of your husband one more time. Proposing your husband for a lifetime commitment with The Affection Collection box is one more example of adding fragrance to an old love flower.

The Affection Collection box

All these cute surprise elements re-create love between the two of you all over again. Thus, weekend trip is a very romantic valentine gift for husbands.

Special Greetings

Wishing him over the phone when he is away for a meeting, shaking hands with him, hugging him and cooking a romantic love dipped special feast for night are all different ways of making Valentine’s Day special for your husband. You can turn these moments even more romantic by gifting special Valentine greeting notes to your husband.

Instead of buying a valentine greeting, you can look forward to buying special surprise chocolate boxes for your husband. These chocolate boxes contain surprise love notes those are too cute to be handled. All these ways of reminding him that he is still as special as he was are very effective in making your love life passionate once again.

Dainty Love Chocolates, Valentino Choco Delight, Valentino Love Expression and Mushy Love Cake Chocolate Rocks are all special chocolate boxes that contain two surprises each. All these boxes are filled with different heart shaped chocolates.

Dainty Love Chocolates

They contain a special love greeting that wishes your husband a ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’. They also contain a cute love teddy bear that says ‘I Love You’. Men just need to know that they are still the closest to your heart. There can’t be a better way of letting your husband know that he is still the most special person in your life.

Surprise Party

Was your husband a party animal once? If yes, then letting him have a feel of those old days is one of the best valentine gifts for husbands. Throw a surprise valentine party for your husband. Celebrate Valentine’s Day his ways. can turn your party into a mouth tempting feast by adding chocolaty moments of special nutty flavors to it. offers yummy valentine party cakes that are filled with richness of chocolate and dry fruits.

Fill your valentine party with choco moments dipped in Baker’s Pride Dry Fruit Cake, Chefs special Dry Fruit Plum Cake, Chocolate Blocks and Plum Cake Eclipse and Naughty Walnut Orange Marble Cake.

Chefs special Dry Fruit Plum Cake

All these special valentine cakes are filled with various dry fruits. They come in different exotic chocolaty flavors. Order a special valentine party cake that complements your husband’s taste. Spice up his taste buds this valentine. Rejoice your valentine bash with your husband by making him feel even more special with surprise party cakes by


Wallets make affordable valentine gifts for husbands. Unlike surprise party, weekend trip and special greetings, wallets are cost effective valentine gifts. They are useful and trendy. Moreover, they fit everyone’s budget. In order to add affordable romantic twist to wallets, you can take an aid of valentine chocolate boxes.

Use a valentine chocolate box like a clue that will guide your husband to his valentine gift i.e. wallet. Certain chocolate boxes come with love notes and teddy bears. You can use the love note to write a clue. This makes your Valentine’s Day interesting and fun-filled. It sounds like treasure hunt. Coated Almond n Chocolaty Love Medley forms a perfect valentine chocolate clue box.

Coated Almond n Chocolaty Love Medley

It even serves the purpose of yet another surprise gift in itself, alongside being a clue. The chocolate box contains mouth watering heart shaped almond chocolates in 3 different flavors. The three different flavors used are apricot, mocha and hazel. The surprise greeting is a cute love expression. It works like a clue, since you can write a puzzle on it that leads to the place where you have hidden the wallet. On top of everything else, the box also offers a valentine teddy bear. All these surprises are enough to steal your husband’s heart.


Gadgets are good valentine gift options for husbands. You can buy a laptop, phone, watch, video game, MP3/MP4 player, IPod and various other gadget items for your husband in order to make Valentine’s Day special for him. Gadgets are the most expensive valentine gifts of all. Thus, they are good valentine gift options for pleasing your husband.

Outdoor Adventure Date

Men are outdoor persons. They are adventurous. They love sporting outdoor activities like rafting, trekking, sea surfing, paragliding and much more. Add a romantic twist to these adventure sports and surprise your husband. Buy romantic valentine chocolate boxes and gift them to your husband in the middle of adventure sport that you plan.

It could be fun, different, thrilling and romantic to share seductive love chocolates at the middle of river rafting, mountain trekking, paragliding etc. Crunchy Surprise, The Ideal Match and The Affection Collection are three unique chocolate boxes by They are specially manufactured for Valentine’s Day.

Crunchy Surprise

Licking different flavored heart shaped chocolates at the middle of an adventure date is a very unique and different valentine gift. Add romance and humor to your adventure valentine date with these unique chocolate boxes. All the above mentioned 6 valentine gifts are also 6 different ways of celebrating Valentine’s Day uniquely with your husband.

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