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Practical and Simple New Born Baby Gift Ideas

Any occasion whether it is marriage or birthday or any other celebration, everyone would want their gift to be unique and practical. The dilemma of what to gift becomes graver when you are supposed to get something for a new born baby.

When you are about to buy something for a new born baby, be it a boy or a girl, you need to be very careful with your selection. No one wants their gift to be tossed in heaps of other, unused and un-utilised.

So, make sure your gift is something that is different from the parents have already got  to avoid duplicity and handy enough to be used in near future, present it with Plum Cake with chocolate rocks n blocks  to impress one and all. You could take help from the some of the gift ideas elaborated below.

Plum Cake With Chocolate Rocks n Blocks

New Born Baby Gift Ideas 

Shopping Voucher

Are you unsure of baby’s gender or age? Don’t know whether baby’s parents appreciate personal gifts items? Your safest bet is to gift them a gift voucher from any online baby products shopping site or a similar one at the mall near them.

A shopping voucher gives the buyer a freedom to buy whatever they wish to and also gives them time to choose their ideal gift in case they are full for now. Shopping vouchers are generally available in various denominations; choose one as per your convenience and add Festive cookie assortment to jazz up your gift.

Festive Cookie Assortment box

An Investment Scheme

With rising cost of living, everyone is worried about their financial position and adding a child to it means more responsibilities. Parents would always want to give their children best of everything, be it education or lifestyle. You could help them help fulfill this dream, by buying a small investment plan, nothing very elaborate, and something as easy as putting 500 bucks every month in their kid’s kitty.

You could motivate the parents by paying the 1st installment yourself as a token of love for the kid and rest would be followed up baby’s parents. Add Dark n Light Jumble to make the gift more joyous.

Dark n Light Jumble

Baby Essentials

For people who find it difficult to gift, many companies have come up with excellent hampers that are easy on pocket and great in variety. Any new born baby could make use of Johnson’s (or any other company) hamper that contains baby soap, talcum, oil, comb and finger brush.

The best part is the products are miniatures of the original self making it easier for parents to carry them in their travel kits without them occupying too much space. Also, all products at one place would also mean nothing is left behind.

There are also few companies as that make an attractive hamper out of baby clothes which contains a cap, dress, mittens and socks; they also are ideal gift for a new born baby.


One gift the new born baby’s mommy won’t thank you enough for is surely diapers and lots of them. If you have ever handled a baby by yourself, you would know how handy diapers are and how often are they required. To say, diapers are 1/4th part of baby’s total expenditure would not be exaggerating it at all. So, getting baby some more diapers could little embarrassing but a real thoughtful gift.

Baby Soothers

Music Cds, Night time lullabies or a simple baby soother is something you could gift a new born baby and his parents.  Parenting is a tough and exhaustive job and at the end of the day every parent would want some respite.


These gifts would make sure that baby has some sound sleep and parents could squeeze in some relaxing time while they gorge on heavenly plum and nutty mix to soothe their souls.

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