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Personalized Wedding Gifts For The Couple

A wedding is a very auspicious occasion that binds two people together for life. A wedding is the stepping stone to building a new life together. A new life needs some basic necessities like furniture and small appliances. Wedding gifts are generally items which the couple can use like electronic gadgets, kitchen appliances, home décor, jewelry and cash.

They can be made more personal by adding a personalized touch to it. A personalized gift is one where a picture of the couple is imprinted, so that it clearly conveys the fact that the gift was made for them. This shall make them feel extremely special and wanted. It shall also be a sweet beginning to a new life.

Wedding Gifts For The Couple

A Personalized Chopping Board

Every kitchen needs a chopping board. It is the most basic element while preparing a dish. While settling into a new home or staring a married life, an engraved chopping board shall be a very decorative addition to the kitchen. The board could be imprinted with the entire name of the couple or just their initials. It should, however be imprinted on the side that is meant for display and not use. You could sweeten the gift by adding a box of chocolates. The chocolates could be flavored with orange, lemon, passion fruit, strawberry, raspberry, pistachio, mint, cinnamon and so on.

Luxurious Chocolate Hamper

A Personalized Dinner Set

A personalized dinner set would be a perfect wedding gift idea. The name or initials of the couple could be imprinted on the side of the plate so that the engraving does not get damaged while they eat. The name could be accompanied with an intricate design. This gift would be a great gift to take out at a small dinner party as it would be a reminder of both the wonderful occasion and the person who gifted this wonderful gift. Extend the personal touch by adding a Rock Chocolate Collection. The dark chocolates shall be a great way to spend this sweet day.

Fiesta Chocolate Rocks

Personalized Cutlery

Personalized cutlery like a set of forks, spoons, knives and serving spoons would be much appreciated by the receiver. This gift shall have a high utility value and also a high decorative value. The couple would know and appreciate the hard work you have taken into putting this gift together. Include a Chocolate Box.

Rich and Delicious Choco-treats

The chocolates could be interspaced with nits like hazelnuts, cashew nuts, almonds, pistachios and so on. The nuts would be a great and healthy addition to the chocolates.

Personalized Flower Vase

A personalized flower vase refers to a vase that has the name of the couple on it. Along with the name you could add the date of the wedding and a sweet message. The vase might be a glass based one or even a wood based one.

Belgian Choco Dip Coconut Cookies

When filled with colorful flowers, the beauty of this vase shall be brought out and the engravings shall be very noticeable. Combine it with a box of Cookies. While the vase shall add a decorative value, this box of chocolates shall add a mouthwatering value.

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