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Most Romantic Valentine Baskets Ideas

Valentine baskets are one of the most versatile and romantic gifts that you can send your loved one. They are cute, adorable and so feasible also. You can put together an assortment of things instead of just being restricted to one gift. It also means that you have more room for imagination and doing something that he or she will like.

Here are some of the most romantic valentine baskets ideas, though some are cliched, we have added a new twist to make them more interesting-

Romantic Valentine Baskets Ideas

Chocolate Valentine Baskets

One of the most romantic and oldest ideas can be made more interesting. How? Well with the regular chocolates, add a bottle of chocolate paint. You can paint each others faces with it or even write romantic messages. In the basket of chocolates, have a hidden note and create a treasure hunt kind of game.

Let your partner eat some of the chocolates and find notes within to claim a hidden gift from you, which can be a ring or may be something similar. Check out options like Coated Almond n Chocolaty Love Medley that comes in attractive packages.

Coated Almond n Chocolaty Love Medley

Flower Valentine Baskets

I love this one the most because you never really get tired of getting flowers. If giving roses, add an artificial rose to the bunch of fresh roses. Make your love everlasting by writing a note that says “I will love you till the last one dries up”. Your sweetheart is surely going to love this one.

Assorted Valentine Baskets

These assorted baskets are available online or you can also create something of your own. Put together their favorite perfume, some flowers, cards and chocolates. If you are giving something exquisite like a ring or a watch, then surround it with handwritten notes or poems. There are cute little love diaries available too that work great with these baskets. A Valentine celebration is never complete without a champagne a bottle of champagne or wine. So do add this to your list of the assorted baskets.

Over here, you can also do something a little extravagant. You can put holiday tickets or package ideas. Then you can let your partner choose where they want to head and have a great little weekend or vacation together.

Puppy Valentine Basket

If you are getting a cute little puppy or pet for your partner, then surprise them placing it in the basket. Leave it outside their door and ring the bell. Go hide and watch the look of excitement and happiness. Do add a little bow around the puppies neck!

Picnic Valentine Baskets

A picnic is definitely one of the most romantic ways of celebrating the day together. So you can arrange for a picnic basket for your Valentine, which will include some culinary delights like footlong or sandwiches, cup cakes or muffins, a bottle of champagne or wine along with a casserole.

Make sure you include his or her favorite items. The cupcakes or cake can have a special message written. These baskets can be ordered via caterers too and come with utensils and other essentials. Do keep some space for their gift also. The Bakers Pride Dry Fruit Cake is the perfect sweet finish here.

Bakers Pride Dry Fruit Cake

So choose one of these romantic Valentine baskets to surprise your loved one!

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