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Interesting Themes For Birthday Parties

Decorations spell how good or bad a party is going to be. Guests often derive a sense of pleasure or boredom through the decorations, which are put up in a party.

Hence, decorations are not just an important element of attraction, but are equally important in deciding the fun and the energy quotient in a birthday party. Let’s take some cues of making a birthday party fun filled with some interesting decor themes.

Themes For Birthday Parties

Use Thermocol Or Paper Cut Outs For Wall Decor

Birthday parties, for both children and adults can be spelled with some fun filled paper or thermocol cutouts. Just choose the right theme and switch on the energy quo in a party celebration! For instance, if animals are the theme, then choose thermocol animal cut outs for showcasing some colorful and happy looking animals and string them as a wall décor or a ceiling decor. Choose a string of cloth toys like Tweety Pie, in between are also a good option. Buy Tweety pie from chocholik.

Tweety Pie

Flowers Are Gentle Yet Phenomenal

Flowers bring in warmth, color, energy and positivity in an atmosphere. They can be used to spell a party’s phenomenal celebrations right away. To make the decor  you can choose a particular color theme or a specific arrangement of flowers.

You can either string them, or choose them to be placed as bouquets or foliage at every nook and corner. Even welcoming each guests with a Real feather rose will work wonders to the decor as they too can become a part of the decor, by sporting one!

Real Feather Rose

Let It Be A Balloon Festival

Balloons look festive and quite celebratory! These could be filled with chocolates to heighten the decorative feel! Choose chocolates like Indulgent chocolate rocks or Assorted love chunk to fill in the balloons.

Indulgent chocolate rocks

For a kid’s birthday bash, choose cartoon characters or animals or candy shaped balloons in different colors, whereas for the adults you can keep them sober with single solid colored round or heart shaped balloons.

Using Cloth Drapes Are An Elegant Way

Choosing drapes for doing up the decor on the ceiling is a very good way for an adult’s or a girl’s birthday! The drapes add a touch of elegance, while keeping the look quite festive on its own. Choosing drapes for decorations is a good day time birthday decor as well. Adding a rose at each drape knot is a good way too! Buy Real feather rose from chocholik to add to the flowery feel.

Crystals And Glass Add Glamour And Bling

Get a few glass vases, bottles or bowls and fill them up with chunky, super shiny gems or rocks, which are crystals or look like them. For a touch of glam add a few chocolates, wrapped in golden and silver foil, to reflect the shine. Wrap a few chocolates, like those from The perfect chocolate assortment or Coated almond and chocolate medley  for the crystal bling!

Coated Almond and Chocolate Medley gift box

Choosing right themes and the right decor elements are important for a celebration! They help in setting the right mood and help in swinging the party in the right direction. Guests often feel excited by simply looking at the decorative elements, thereby participating eagerly in the celebrations all the more!

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