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Interesting Birthday Party Ideas For Girls

Girl birthday party ideas are plenty. But, these ideas should be unique and elegant, instead of being boring. They should include the favorite activities of girls.

First you need to decide the kind of party you wish to throw. You have to choose the theme, ideas and the venue, such as indoors or outdoors. The second thing is figuring out the guest list.

Birthday Party Ideas For Girls

Girls will be invited, but sometimes parents tend to accompany kids and it can be tricky, especially in the case of single dads. The theme indicates the duration of the party such as a teatime party is short while a doll house theme would take long. Likewise, invitations and food needs to be decided.

Ideas For Invitations

Girl birthday party ideas include invitation cards that have a feminine look and are extremely creative. Purple, violet and pink are some girly colors that can be used for the theme. Make the invitations fun and colorful with girly tattoos, cute stickers and even some glitter to make it fancy. Send out invites with a box of Sophisticated Chocolate collection so that the kids enjoy it too.

Sophisticated Chocolate Collection box

Birthday party ideas for girls should be indicated by the language of the cards. They should excite and woo the girls for playing games and doing girly activities. Ditch the regular invites for creative ones like a paper purse that can be brought to the party. They can be bought or made as well.

Food Ideas For Girls Birthday Party

Practicality and elegance is demanded by birthday party ideas for girls in terms of food. A sit-down meal or sophisticated food items are perfect for a girls-only party. Pink or white cake with little fairies, cute frosting and flowery decorations is recommended. To save on cake, order a regular Naughty Walnut Orange Marble cake and make your own frosting.

Naughty Walnut Orange Marble Cake

Girls birthday parties should have cupcakes. The guests can prepare their frosting at the make-your-own-cupcake counter. Roast, puddings, nachos, burritos, pastas, pies and casseroles can also be served. Season also influences the birthday party ideas for girls. A barbecue can be hosted if the season is warmer.

Games For Birthday Party Ideas For Girls

There are endless games options for girl birthday parties. The girls can be kept busy in arts and crafts like making greeting cards, jewelry, paper bags etc.

Birthday Cards

Get the girls to dress up their dolls with organic makeup. Feminine games like making table decorations, flower arrangements or cupcakes can be organized.

Decoration Ideas

The theme can include some really amazing party decorations and supplies for girl birthday parties. Kick up the party mood with streamers, balloons and even cute piñatas. Party packs are also available for decoration purposes that are pink themed and look completely feminine. Satin curtains or sheets can also be used as it’s an all-girls party. Improve the ambience with ribbons, bows and laces. Pink chairs and tables are also another great tool for a girl party.

Favors Or Return Gifts

Girls can have plenty of party favors such as bows or jewelry like bracelets and earrings. The party bag can also have pink gummy bears and candy. Cute girly purses can be used rather than the paper bags as they can also be used later on. Your little girl will have a blast with these affordable and stupendous birthday party ideas for girls.

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