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Ideas For Wedding Gift Baskets

Wedding gifts should be selected with a lot of care. A lot goes into planning a wedding ceremony – guests have to be invited, flower arrangements need to be planned, food items need to be selected, venues need to be decided and decorations need to be chosen. The attention to detail is what makes a wedding great.

Guests should appreciate the trouble the hosts are taking in putting together such a major event. They should realize how important this event is in the lives of a couple and thus select appropriate gifts. The gifts should be thoughtfully chosen keeping the bride an groom in mind. Personal touches like a card or a letter should be added to the gift. This would increase the value of the gift and make it dearer to the couple. Here are a few suggestions.

Best Ideas For Wedding Gift Baskets

A Chocolate Basket

A chocolate gift basket is a delectable way to celebrate a wedding. You could include a variety of chocolate boxes like truffle chocolates, lemon chocolates, dark chocolates, flavored chocolates, nut chocolates, and white chocolates and so on. The variety shall make the gift attractive and maintain an element of surprise throughout. A chocolate basket is incomplete without a box of chocolates suited for an occasion like wedding.

Visually Delightful Choco-Treats

The assortment should offer both variety and taste with chocolates flavored with orange, lemon, passion fruit, strawberry, raspberry, pistachio and mint.

A Basket Of Personalized Gifts

A basket of personalized gift shall be a great way to bring wedding congratulations. The items could include kitchen items like chopping boards and cutlery; decorative items like vases, candles, picture frames, and paper weights and so on; daily use items like hand towels, storage containers and so on. The name and the wedding date could be engraved on each item or on the gift basket itself. Include an assortment of rock chocolates. The box of mesmerizing rock chocolates should add a delectable quality to the basket of personalized gifts.

Fiesta Chocolate Rocks box

A Basket Of Scented Oils And Candles

This would be a very luxurious gift to present. Scented oils and candles come in a variety of aromas like lavender, lemon crass, rose, china grass, jasmine, sandal wood, mint and so on. A basket of these oils and candles would look extremely pretty and lavish. You could combine it with a set of hand towels that are engraved with the couple’s initials. Throw in a box of assorted chocolate boxes. While the aroma from the scented candles shall mesmerize, the taste from this wonderful assortment shall delight.

Wonderful Treat for Chocoholics

A Mixed Basket

A mixed basket offers a lot of flexibility. Since there is no need to stick to a particular theme, almost any gift could be gifted. The gifts could include a mix of household items, clothing items, food items, reading material, decorative items, daily use items, personal grooming items and so on.

Belgian Choco Chip Cookies

The basket could be neatly covered and decorated with a lot of love and affection. Pack in a box of Cookies. These mouthwatering boxes of cookies are designed for romantic occasions like weddings.

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