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Ideas for Kids Birthday Parties

Birthdays are very special to children, mostly because they are at an age where they want to grow up really fast and a birthday means a step closer to becoming an adult. A kid’s birthday invariably means a birthday party which is generally a very stressful task for parents.

A few simple tips to executing a wonderful yet stress free party are; firstly the host’s should start planning the party well in advance. Secondly, the hosts should remember to hire help or request family members to help out with handling the children. Finally, the hosts should keep a car handy to drop off children who can’t be picked up by their parents after the party is over. Listed below are a few tips you could consider while planning your kid’s birthday party.

Awesome Ideas For Kids Birthday Parties

A Theme

Children generally like to play pretend. That is why you could choose a definite theme for your child’s birthday party, like a princess theme or a cowboy theme. You could choose to strictly stick to the theme by having themed plates, balloons, party hats and a themed cake. This would create a magical atmosphere for a birthday party.You could receive the guests with a box of Dark n Light Jumble.this box of chocolates would fit into any theme with its delightful flavors.

Dark n Light Jumble chocolate box

Party Games

Kids are restless and very playful. That is why a kid’s birthday party should be packed with games. You could start with classics like musical chairs, passing the parcel, pin the tail on the donkey and then move on to more innovative ones like a treasure hunt. You could also have a piñata. This would add a definite fun element to your party.Extend the fun by distributing boxes of Center Shock Cookie-Cake Surprise . This box of shockingly good chocolates shall definitely make the party more fun and vibrant.

Center Shock Cookie-Cake Surprise

Gifts And Goodie Bags

Be sure to have prizes for all the games and also a return gift for every child. The concept of a return gift is fundamentally to thank an individual for showing up at the party and bringing along a present. You can customize each return gift according to the child if you are sure of the guests attending. This will definitely make each child feel special and leave them with pleasant memories of the party.Along with a return gift give each child a box of Lovable Chocolate Collection.Delicious flavors like almond, ginger, cinnamon and raisin shall definitely make the party a memorable one.

Lovable Chocolate Collection


Children are very fussy eaters. That is why try not to serve any exotic or complicated dishes. Stick to fast food like potato wedges, ice cream, and jelly and bite sized treats like mini sandwiches and mini pizzas.

The Magical chocolate collection

The party games will tend to tire out the kids so keep a lot of juices and cold drinks.Serve lots of The Magical Chocolate Collection. These raspberry, French biscuit and almond chocolates shall be devoured by the children in no time.

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