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Ideas for Housewarming Party

A housewarming party is a party that is to be done within 120 days of entering into a new house. It gives an occasion for the home owner to show off their new home to their friends and relatives. These types of parties are informal and you need not to do any planned activities. It will help to build a new circle at a new place as you will invite your all new neighbors in the area. Some of the ideas that will help you a lot in planning a housewarming party are discussed here.You can plan any type of house warming parties as there are different types of housewarming parties.

Ideas For Housewarming Party

Open House

Open house party is meant for people who have a larger number of guests to entertain and the purpose is only to offer them food and a house tour. This is best for shy people who want to avoid interaction with strangers .A member of the family will stay at the main entrance and will guide the guests in the direction of the food and other members will take the guests for a home tour.

Some people give return gifts to their guests in housewarming parties so you can give gifts to the kids of your guests. Cookies are everybody’s favorite so you can give them to loving kids in the party. Rich chocolate nutty combo is a collection of bishop nut cookies with vanilla oatmeal cookies and it will give pure experience of chocolate to the kids and also the health benefits of oatmeal.

Rich Chocolate Nutty Combo

Clean Sweep

This type of party is recommended for people who have renovated the house and not shifted from one place to another. The purpose to call people is to show off the handiwork and decorating skills. However, this type of party should be carried out only when every room has something to show off. To differentiate between the new room and the old room, you can also place old room pictures at the entrance of every room.

This type of party is not for everyone but some of you can plan this type of party with style. As everyone will give you gift in your party so why to send them back without anything. So give them a combo of chocolates or cakes in return. fresh bakes cookies assortment is a collection of Bishop Nut cookies, Vanilla Oatmeal cookies, Dark Purist Chocolate cookies and Sweet and Salty Peanut Cookies which will be an ideal gift to the sweet tooth family.

Fresh Baked Cookies Assortment


Everybody wants to get invited with proper respect and honor. So get some cards printed for your housewarming party and send these cards with some chocolate boxes. Chocolate blocks and plum cake eclipse is a combination of dry fruit plum cake with an assortment of chocolates that will mesmerize the craving of your guests.

Chocolate Blocks and Plum Cake eclipse

They will love the chocolates accompanied by the invitation card and will feel honored to be a part of your housewarming party.Another option is to give Fiesta chocolate rocks which contains ten pieces of chocolates which are packed in a silk amount covering so it becomes a perfect and an appreciable option to give with your invitation card.

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