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Ideas for Bridal Shower Decorations

A bridal shower is a party where friends and relatives of the bride to be shower her with gifts. They are generally held a month before the wedding and are held during the afternoon or the evening. They are traditionally hosted not by the bride herself but by a close friend of hers, presumably her bridesmaid.

They are not formal occasions and people are invited over the phone or through an email. Traditionally gifts given during this occasion include items of daily use like kitchen wear. If you have been given the task of throwing a bridal shower for your friend and can’t decide on the decoration, here are a few ideas.

Unique Ideas For Bridal Shower Decorations


Since bridal showers are essentially informal and fun events, balloons make for the perfect decoration. Balloons add a fun touch and depending on the colors they could also add a formal touch. Use white balloons and combine them with another color like baby pink, light purple, turquoise blue or mint green.Keep handy a lot of boxes of royal chocolate delight collection .

Royal Chocolate Delight Collection

The delicate flavors offered by this box are perfect for a wedding shower. This box has sixteen pieces of chocolates with luscious flavors like mocha, fruit and nut, dark and milk chocolate. The royal flavors shall definitely add a royal touch to the shower.

Deserts Counter

You could have a deserts counter with different kinds of deserts like a chocolate fountain, macaroon and berry tart stands. This counter would be a visual delight. You could include all kinds of mouthwatering deserts like fresh cream pastries, white chocolate tarts, raspberry soufflés, meringues, chocolate cakes and a lot more. Along with a visual delight this stand shall be a favorite with the guests because of all the delectable treats it shall hold.
Serve mouthwatering boxes of Mesmerizing Treasure Chocolates .

Mesmerizing Treasure Chocolates

This box has chocolates with mesmerizing flavors like raspberry, hazelnut, rose, orange and strawberry. The guests shall happily munch on these scrumptious chocolates.

A Theme

The foremost factor determining your decorations is a theme. For a theme you could select on a color combo and give your theme and exciting name like a ‘princess bride’ theme. You could chose to decorate with a combination of light colors like mint or baby pink. Combine the colors with white to give a fairy tale touch.Along with a theme you should serve boxes of New Gorgeous Chocolate Gift Collection.

New Gorgeous Chocolate Gift Collection

This box contains nine pieces of ravishing chocolates with varying flavors like butter scotch, orange and almond. Just like the theme, this box of chocolates should all form an essential part of your shower.


This would be a very feminine and perfect way to decorate bridal showers. You could have a lot of flower arrangements. You could use pink camellias, clematis, tulips, dahlias and petunias.

Center Shock Cookie-Cake Surprise

Flowers would both smell and look magnificent. This would indeed make a wonderful decoration.Along with plenty of flowers, have plenty of boxes of Center Shock Cookie-Cake Surprise. This box had fruit cake based cookies. Though simple in concept the cookies are appetizing and divine.

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