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Ideas For Birthday Gift For Friend

Friends make our lives beautiful and make us believe in the goodness within. Whether it’s joy or sorrows, they are the only ones we have other than family, to call our own. They feel and empathize with us as much as our parents do. Hence, friends call special celebrations, especially if it’s their birthday.

If you have a special friend, who has been there through thick and thin, maybe it’s payback time. Not literally though, but by making his or her birthday special, through some special gifts, which will spell love and care. Choose from the options below to make it all the more special!

Ideas For Birthday Gift For Friend

Customized Bands Will Make It Great

Friendships make everyone rich. They are the gift which make one believe in goodness. If your friend’s birthday is around the corner, then gift this special friendship band in silver or platinum, depending upon your budget. Make your names engraved and spell your heartfelt feelings.

It might sound over the top as these are something referred in romantic liaisons, but friendship goes beyond that. After all, isn’t it the key to a long lasting partnership? So why not make it eternal by this band. Gift a Card for friend to say it’s special.

Card for friend

Coffee Mugs For The Cuppa Addict

Does your friend love his/her hot cuppa, many times a day? If yes, then gift him/ her cute or sleek looking coffee mugs, depending upon his/ her taste and choice of color. These could be made all the more, by filling in neatly with chocolates and then wrapping them up into a pouch shaped parcel. Get chocolates like Birthday celebrations to make it special all the more.

Birthday Celebrations

Food Basket For The Foodie Is A Big Hit

If you have a friend, who is a food fanatic and always looks forward to getaways when he/she can binge, then choosing a gift basket, which contains all the favorite goodies, will be a perfect celebration gift.

Create a customized gift basket, with fruits, cheese, his/her favorite brand of wine or champagne, chocolates, cookies and perhaps, good quality tacos or nachos. For a gift hamper, you can buy either a Custom birthday mix or simply create your own by filling it with choicest cookies to the tune of Cherry chocochip nutty mix.

Cherry Chocochip Nutty mix

Gift Hampers of Skin Care

Whether it’s male or female friends, all love the idea of spending time at the spa or resort. Let they do that at the comfort of home on their special day. Gift them an exquisite gift hamper, which contains all the right skin pampering ingredients in their favorite brand.

Whether it’s Body Shop or some Ayurvedic recipe containing the goodness of natural ingredients, gift them an entire range of skin and body care, which will make them celebrate the day in luxury! Simply attach a Real feather rose to make it look special.

Real Feather Rose

Shot Glass or Whiskey Glass Set

These are good gifts for friends, who love their drinks and are fascinated by the cute glasses that match their drinks. Gifting a cute shot glass set, or a set of whiskey glasses or beer mugs might come in handy for this guy! Fill each glass, with different types of chocolates.

Dark Triple Startle

This will make it look good and make it feel special as well. Try chocolates from Fruit and nut chocolate bar gift box and Dark triple startle.

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