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Ideas For Anniversary Party

Ideas For Anniversary Party

A wedding anniversary is a great reason for celebration but throwing a bash every year is expensive and may not be possible for everyone. Now when you have planned for throwing a party on anniversary then you should move ahead with all preparations and make it an amazing party.

Here you will get all the details on throwing a wonderful anniversary party. The anniversary party is as much for the family and the community as it is for the couple. So include your children, nieces and nephews in this party to make it unforgettable party. Check out the ideas for the celebration of anniversary party.

Best Ideas For Anniversary Party


When you are making the invitation or getting it printed then make sure you are including the couple’s picture on the front of the invitation card. Picture from the early days of the wedding or the start of relationship can also be used. Also request guests to bring one picture that they have with the couple to make a nice album as a gift for the couple. In case you want to give the invitation with sweets then chocolates is the best thing use with the invitation card. Valentines treasure chocolates is 25 pc chocolate boxes with different flavors of Rich and smooth flavors of hazelnut, orange, raspberry, rose and strawberry in it and are heart shape to show the love and affection of the couple.

Valentines Treasure Chocolates


Elegant decorations with the use of flowers and other decoration items are good. In case the celebration is of silver or golden jubilee then use silver or golden theme for these anniversary parties. To welcome the couple in the party, give a welcome note as “happy anniversary John and Mary” and welcome to all the guests. You can use a banner to place it in a beautiful manner at the venue. In decoration , you can place designer and luxury collection of choclates at various places . Explore the range offered by Chocholik. The magical chocolate collection offers raspberry chocolate, milky french biscuits and almond rocks with flakes which will be loved by your guests.

The Magical Chocolate Collection Box


Different types of activities need to be planned before. It includes games, a sit down dinner with pictures of the couple playing in a digital way, dance on the floor, couple dance etc. Games should be of couples as it is an anniversary party. In case the gathering is large then to play games, you can make groups of by age category . If you are facing difficulty in finalising the gifts to give to winners then choclate boxes is the best gift as they can be given to any person of any age and will be liked by all. Assortment of exotic chocolates includes variety of bold flavors like Passion fruit, Mocha, Orange Praline, hazel praline and lot many mouth scintillating one to enchant your guests.

Assortment of Exotic Chocolates

Gifts To Give

You may want to give return gifts. Make it in the same denomination as the couple years together. Let’s say you can give a $ 25 or $50 gift certificate for a restaurant. Chocolate boxes can be given. Sophisticated chocolate collection is a 16 pc chocolate box that contains dark and light chocolate with an amazing mix of mix of Almond chocolate, Cashew, Caramel / Raisin and Butter Scotch in it.

Sophisticated chocolate collection

In case you don’t want to give return gifts then you can give flowers in the count of the number of years of couple’s togetherness to welcome them in the party.

In the end, some of the key guests should be allowed to say a few words for the couple post dinner. Conclude it by focusing on their commitments to each other and it will remind everybody that how much hard work and dedication is required to make a relationship successful.

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