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Ideas For A Cupcake Birthday Party

Cupcakes are the new age birthday cake. They are small, sweet, creatively done and above all, easy to serve. They do not involve the routine slice and serve fuss, and therefore, more easy to offer. They can be tiered in layers over a cupcake stand, to make it look like a grand birthday cake.

Whether it is children or adults, all love the idea of enjoying a sweet treat, which comes in a small package. The best part about cupcakes are that they and don’t add much on the calories or on the guilt! Being small, they could be creatively decorated in various ways too! If cupcakes are the next birthday cake, then choose the following ideas for creating a fun filled birthday!

Ideas For A Cupcake Birthday Party

Cupcakes With Cream Filling Are A Great Surprise

Cupcakes, whether plain vanilla or chocolate can be filled up for a surprise treat! Let your cupcakes be filled with some fruit conserve or cream filling or a blend of both, to create a very moist pudding like feel in the mouth.

If the filled up part is getting seen, try and cover it up with icing or a jazzy looking chocolate. You can try some heart shaped chocolates from Chocolaty love treat to make it look celebratory.


Rainbow Colored Cupcakes Are Great For Decor

Cupcakes, for birthday, should have the look and feel of something special. To make the cupcakes look resplendent, color them up in as many shades as possible. This will bring color, thrill and a positive energy vibe into a party. Use cream icing in different shades and stroke them in stripes against a white fondant covering.

For a twist, you can also use a plain white cream frosting and use colorful sugar buttons like gems to go. Placing chocolate shreds in between will also be great contrast against the bright colors. Choose chocolate shreds from chocolate bars like Marshmallow and blueberry bar gift box.

Marshmallow and Blueberry Bar Gift Box

Oreo Cookie Cupcakes Bring Some Twist

Have you thought of clubbing cookies and cakes together for a birthday? Both are popular in dessert, so why not bring in the goodness of both in one? Create a cupcake with cream cheese frosting and add a twist by putting in a mini Oreo or some other cookie. If the size of the cupcakes is relatively large, then you can also opt for some other regular cookie, to bring in the start contrast! Choose cookies like Dark n light jumble.

Dark n Light Jumble chocolate box

Floral Cookies For A Formal Birthday Event

If getting experimental is not your forte, then keep it simple, yet classic. Choose a floral theme for cupcakes. Sugar crafts or sugar roses or other flowers can be used to decorate plain vanilla cream frosted cupcakes. Make sure the sugar craft flowers are all in different colors and of decent size.

It should be small and decent, making the cupcake look classy. Choose red roses, white chrysanthemums or even yellow and pink pansies for sugar craft sprinkles. While serving on the cake plate, use a few real roses to decorate the look. Buy Real feather rose.

Real Feather Rose

Choco Lava Cupcakes

These are a sinful treat for all the chocoholics. The oozing chocolate liquid from the deep crusts of the chocolate cupcake will make every hungry soul beckon! This is a delightful looking dessert for a birthday treat.

Scintillating assortment of Rock Chocolates

Serve it well with some chocolate rocks, to add the extra chocolaty edge. You can pick rocks like Scintillating assortment of rock chocolates.

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