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Ideas for 60th Wedding Anniversary

A wedding is the purest form of bond between two people and one that will be etched in their minds forever in the form of a wedding anniversary. Each anniversary and each passing year is special for the couple as it will happen only once in their lifetime.

This means that every anniversary whether it is the first or the fifth, 25th or the 60th is important and should be made memorable in every way possible. One of the best ways to achieve your goals is to celebrate your happiness in a grand way.

Including closed ones and friends and family in your joy and special day will make it all the more exclusive. This guide below gives you all the unique ideas to celebrate your 60th anniversary, because age is not a factor, the key is to be young at heart.

Celebrate 60 Years of Togetherness in Exclusive Ways

A Grand Party

For those who have no budget while celebrating their 60th anniversary, should definitely have a well planned grand party where all possible guests are invited. Fine food, dancing and drinks can steal the show and you can have a theme as well. An event manager can handle it in the perfect way.

The guests can be given a token of appreciation in the form of Mesmerizing Treasure Chocolates. These heart shaped chocolates are perfect for the occasion and has flavors like orange, strawberry, hazelnut, rose and raspberry to entice your taste buds.

Mesmerizing Treasure Chocolates

A Picnic Lunch

For those couples who want a more informal setting and only their closed ones to celebrate their special day with them, can arrange for a picnic in their backyard. Along with good food, there can be some interesting couple games for full on entertainment and fun.

Try and give show the guests your love and gratitude for their presence in the form of Assorted Love Chunk. Along with some heart shaped chocolates in the attractive box, they even have almond and fruit and nut rocks as a dual benefit. The raspberry and rose flavored chocolates are something that they will definitely fall in love with.

Assorted Love Chunk, Festive Cookie Assortment

A Beach Walk

For a more private way of celebrating your 60th anniversary, why not take your loved one for a walk by the beach side and revive the old memories! This can be followed by a private lunch by the beach side if possible.

Do not go empty hand and team up your exclusive gift with a pack of Love in The Chocolate Air Box. The simplicity of the collection will take you off the senses. A small box of about 9 pieces of rose, strawberry and orange flavored chocolates is ideal for the occasion.

Love in the Chocolate Air box

Go for a Short Trip

A short trip to any of the closed destinations is one of the best things that you can do to celebrate your 60th anniversary in style. Why not go to the exact place where you honeymooned years back.

Royal Chocolate Delight Collection

Do not forget to indulge in Royal Chocolate Delight Collection that will give you another reason to get pampered on this special day. It has about 16 pieces of sinful chocolates in tastes like milky French, mocha fruit, pure bitter dark and many more. The different shapes of the chocolates and the attractive packing are add on features that you will love.

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